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Snow Stories


Lantern Swinger
Today i dusted off my telemark skies and boots and went cross country skiing round my golf course (as it is quite hilly there are some good downhill bits)

last time i skied must be some 12 years ago but as an ex MSI/BASI 2 i was sure the old magic would still be there

never fell over once but had a couple of close calls

i was blowing out of my hoop and felt more than a little light headed and dizzy by the end of it

the dog was knackered too

what other 'unusual' things have people been up to in the snow?..........trying to get to work doesn't count


War Hero
Just like you I dusted off my trusty skies and made my way through drifting snow, down past the library, negotiating my way through the traffic at the bus depot. Despite the blizzard conditions I managed to reach Mr Aziz's corner Spar shop where I picked up a little something for my loved one, then the hazardous journey back along the High Street during rush hour, dicing with death at every corner until I reached my final destination..............all because the lady loves Milk Tray !! :love3:


War Hero
No snow here. Not a one. Zilch. Not a single snowflake. Snowless. Negative white stuff.
Snow free zone. It's not, and never has been snowing here. Where's all the snow then?

******* freezing though.


Somewhere not on the outskirts of Devon.

"Frostie the Snowma-a-a-a-n"
"Had a really enormous cock"
"He wound it twice around his neck"
"And tucked it in his sock"
"All the other snowme-e-e-en"
"Couldn't believe old Frosties luck"
"He had the biggest carrot"
"And he couldn't give a ****"


Lantern Swinger
No snow but hoofing winds blowing sh*t loads of sand off the beach stripping paint off cars and skin off yer face, and some tit is kite surfing


War Hero
Hopefully it clears off as I'm meant to be flying from East Midlands Friday morning!

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Coincidental or what! I was skulking about on a golf course this morning with my ferret, nets and box brownie. I could not fail to notice some bloke free heeling past me as I hid in the bushes, I thought to myself that bloke has done that before.

securedownload (5).jpg


War Hero
Snow flakes went into double figures in Dorset and the county duly ground to a halt!!!!

Mayhem, school closures and snowmen!!!! Well 6" snowmen!


War Hero
I once brought a set of skis from Faslav to Guzz in the boat, Ty-wrapped to the cable conduit in the Cab Space. Skipper was impressed during rounds!

just saying like!


War Hero
Super Moderator
Live about 15 miles from BNM and had a fair drop of snow (2" +), managed to slide the car down the hill to the main road, 3 miles out from the homestead and snow denied.

Bollocks, had to continue in to work, come secure 90% of it had fucked off.
Snow stories..... OK....I've posted this before but, hey ho it's a snow story.

Royal can only spend so much time in the field before he gets bored, Norway is no exception. So after ten days or so of pussers arctic rat packs everyone was comfortably into the "3 day shit" routine, you'd have to have a shit to get rid of the compo every third day, no if's buts or maybe's. No cheating either and crimping one out every second day.

So a compitition was devised. The Bootneck who'd shit the longest unbroken log on the snow would win. Many a brave lad dropped his kacks and shuffled forward in the snow whilst laying an unblemished and unbroken log. The record was standing at about 15 inches when one smart arsse shat in a plastic bag, snipped the corner off and then piped his name in the snow.... :)
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