Sniper Furlong

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seafarer1939, Feb 20, 2008.

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  1. Heard about this remarkable shot and Googled it.Was in Affiestan and a hit at 2430 mtrs!Seems it was the 3rd shot at a Tallie but it was a fantastic long shot that ripped him apart.
    Seems the Yanks were in awe of it and now the Canadians are saying that they are the worlds best snipers.
    Anyone come close to that? What did he use?The USA or the UK rifle,maybe the Canadians have their own rifle?just wondered.
  2. A black widow catapult!
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    3rd shot? what was the target doing after the first 2? (or was he an ex guardsman, the target that is... ^~ )
  4. McMillan tac 50

    Read all about it in wikkipeadia "sniper" :dwarf: 3rd try but still an incredible shot 4.5 sec flight with a 70 meter drop!!!!!
  5. Third shot?? Where Bergs when you need him stalking in his pussers pumps?? Correct me if i'm wrong but the idea of a sniper is to stalk the target, kill the target with their first shot and extract as quickly as possible without getting caught.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Still an incredible shot, however what was dopey bollox doing when the first two shots bimbled past? or were they so far off the mark the third was indeed lucky? (no slight intended towards the shooter).

    There was an incident in NI where a woodentop got shot by a PIRA "sniper" (all camed up just over the border...snurgle snurgle ...not) It hit the chest plate on his iniba? jacket...down he up looking puzzled...shot....down he up looking puzzled......shot.....twigged...stayed down....three shots on the chest plate, for people wondering the chest plate was the size of a doubled over sheet of A4.

    May be urban myth, may be falling plates instead of woodentops.
  7. Good job it wasn't a Barrett .50 fired by that yank twat a few years back. Plate or no plate he would have been strawberry jam if on the receiving end of that!!
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Yes, Barrett .50........ not cricket. Dont know what the calibre was, they'd moved on to sniping helos with big fcuk off russian guns when I went into bat... :dwarf:
  9. As far as I know, the first shot missed completely, second hit his backpack and third ripped him to fucking shreds

    Good times =D
  10. The chapter in Sniper one when the "booty" sniper team rocks up with a 50 and a bag of mixed rounds is entertaining reading
  11. I used JD as the 1st shot, followed by Jamesons then jim bean
  12. Yup and you have a convenient cleavage to place said glass in case you lose it!!! Norma snorks madam!!!

  13. At 3000 plus metres who is going to see him never mind catch him? Unless the rag heads have artillery or their own very good snipers, counter sniper action should not be a problem either.
  14. Cpl Matt Hughes RM made an incredible shot during Telic 1 in Iraq.

    He was something like 900 meters out and adjusted 56ft to the left and 35ft high to allow for windage. His spotter had apparently calculated the rounds trajectory, after monitoring the movement of dust in the breeze.

    He slotted the enemy with the first round. None of this three round shoite for Royal. :thumright:
  15. I have seen this gruesome video and it really brings one into focus with the situation....outstanding shots and panoramic finales
  16. Read a bit more about it,he shot a McMillan TAC 50 whatever that is.Not the shot that is interesting it's the way thet were all treated at home.Inquiry by the Armed Forces,not allowed to pick up their Bronze Stars awarded from the Yanks.Accused of slicing off a Talli finger,crapping on the dead body and more.
    Eventually cleared far to late to do any help, they are broken up a bit.
    Maybe a bit of jealousy around?
    I speak as someone who constantly tried to get in the Bisley team and came no where near so hitting at that range with a large round makes it a remarkable shot in any theatre and in my eyes.

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