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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by tom_cdt_l/cpl, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. i was wondering what does the royal marines sniper course consist of seeing as there is not much about it on the royal navy website? and how long do you have to serve before you can take the course? :?:
  2. look here for more details..

    sniper course is basicly advanced camo skills, training to spot people who are camoflauged (e.g. enemy snipers), sharpshooting, advanced survival and fieldcraft, and of course hitting things with bullets from a long way away, with different weapons (no point being a sniper if you cant shoot something 4 foot in front of you with a pistol)

    also, sorry to kinda hijak this but recce operators....theres about 6 millions different things on the internet, some say they train as a sniper, some dont, but the main thing i was wondering was medical suitability.
    theres that medical eye chart that lists what you need, and it says to be landing craft, aircrew, sniper or swimmer cannoist, you need S1 vision without correction.
    it says all others are S3, and i wondered does anybody know if recce ops/mountain leaders need S1 (the main reason i can think of is if they would be trained to snipe...but isnt listed on that optician chart which would be released by the navy so i dont know)

  3. nah, i dont mind if you high jack the thread.
  4. Alright mate

    Expect to serve as a GD Marine for around 3 years in a Troop before considering/beign considered for the Sniper course.

    To be selected, you should be naturally a good shot anyway and have a very high level of fitness, excellent map reading skills and be very much at home in the field. Remember being a sniper isnt all looking cool and slotting the bad guys - you might sit alone in a hide for two weeks, just to take one shot and kill the enemy. Its not all glorious!!!

    The course focuses on Stalking, judging distance, recognition (enemy uniforms, weapons, vehicles etc), advanced firledcraft/cam and concealment techniques and of course range work. You would do extensive work with the L96, pistols and I believe now the Barret .50 calibre (an awesome weapon)

    The L96 is an excellent weapon too - originally designed by Malcom Cooper, who was an olympic shooting chamion in the 1980's. It was adopted by the British forces and made Soldier Proof. Very accurate for head shots up to around 600/700 meters and centre mass shots up to 1k.

    Remember that the Royal Marines Sniper course is renowned as the best in the world. Special Forces Snipers are also trained at Lympstone.

    Hope his helps

  5. The Royal Marine PW3 course is the gold standard. The army had given up on sniping and it wasn't until the early '70's that Royal Marine Sniper Wing ran courses to re-train the army in the art.

    Here's how it works.

    You are on sniper badge test week and are now going through your final test and evaluation. The trainees are outnumbered by training staff and it is intense. You have 7 tests to pass. Each test can be passed at marksman level or first class level or fail. Failing a single test means you fail the entire course. To qualify as PW3(S) marksman you have to pass every test at marksman level. There are only a handful of PW3(S) Marksmen in the Corps.

    You are standing on Woodbury Common with a map and an aerial photograph. This is your final test stalk. On the photograph there is a target indicated, usually about 1000 meters away. For training purposes the target is a pair of PW's armed with nothing more than a radio and hi-powered binnoculars. They are deadly.

    You will stalk your target within a time-frame of around 2 hours. The terrain is bare-arsed and the target is intimately familiar with every wrinkle and fold of the ground. You will stalk to a fire-position that is between 150m and 250m from the target. If you are detected during the stalk you have failed the course.

    You are in your final fire-position and you check elevation and windage. You catch your breath, sight and squeeze a blank round off. If you haven't been immediately spotted by the target one of the training staff walkers will approach within 10m of your position. The target will zero in on the area and if you are seen you have failed the course.

    If you cannot be seen then you will be told to fire a second round. If you are seen then you have failed the course.

    The walker will then indicate your position by pointing. If you can be seen you have failed the course.

    The walker will then place his hand on your head. If you can be seen you have failed the course.

    The walker will then place his hand on your T/S. If you can be seen you have failed the course.

    The walker will then place his hand on your weapon muzzle. If you can be seen you have failed the course.

    Not been seen? Passed the stalk? No.

    If the walker decides that you are out of distance bounds you fail.

    When he checks your windage and elevation and finds either were incorrect then you've failed.

    Stalking is one of 7 badge tests and believe me it's not the most difficult.

  6. every time I read more about what the RM does, and the challenges they get to attempt.....

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  7. does anyone have anymore links to where i may find some more information?
  8. What more do you want to know?

  9. For info the course, and qualification, is now RM Sniper. The designation PW3 was dropped some time ago. Those that pass the Marksmanship phase but fail the course are designated as Long Range Riflemen (LRR). The LRR is likely to be the next sniper rifle replacing the L96.

  10. Oh Dear......In my day I was just a humble PW3 (S) Marksman but I suppose that if you fail the course and aren't able to get close to a target then a really long-range rifle is in order. lol

  11. M-18 Elite - The Future of War

    The Pentagon unveiled the new M-18 Elite, scheduled for intra-service deployment beginning in April. Making use of the latest in digital technology, the Elite will allow both military and ACLU lawyers to review all target site pictures via satellite, and give an instantaneous yay-or-nay . In addition, the President, House Committee on Military Affairs, and interactive viewers of CNN will have the ability to see, and refuse, targets that may be unnecessary, or deemed cruel. All shots will require 100% concurrence. Rumors that the UN was also in the loop were quickly scotched today when a DOD spokesperson said, "That's just ridiculous."


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  15. There is no trigger Polar. Firing is controlled electronically by a committee of civil servants in Whitehall.. For this reason it cannot be used between 17.00hrs and 09.00hrs GMT or on Bank Holidays.

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