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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Merlin28, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. Good job this a secret then because we wouldn't want anyone knowing about it would we !

    Somethings are best not said this is one of them.
  2. My gast is flabbered by ModOracle on this one. Have we stopped classifying information?
  3. Exactly; but it wouldn't take many fieldings for Johnny Raghead to quickly work out what we were doing. They may be many things but thick isn't one of them.
  4. It could also be a cunning Black Adder-like plan (or a Baldrick version) to rival "carrots help you see in the dark" so that Johnny Raghead decides it is a waste of time laying IEDs because there is no-one in the vehicle! Oh the subterfuge!
  5. When I saw the thread title I thought it was a reference to my first wife. :oops: :oops:

    I cannot see whats revolutionary about a remote controlled motor.
    Leyland developed one in the 70's to move and position water treatment tanks. The spin off was a sit in one and drive the one in front by camera, as is common in video/computer games.
  6. Disappointed. I was expecting something completely different. Then again, it would have been in Diamond Lils if it was.
  7. A scenario.
    Mohammed the IED bomber has a couple (At least.) of kids and access to numerous mobile phones, he plants the kids out and they call back when a patrol rolls past having used their Mk1 eyeballs to scope out the patrol.
    "Oi Dad, it's me Lil Mo on George Bush Avenue, infidels in Landys 2,3 and 4, just shop maniquins in Landy 1. Oh shiz, gotta go, some Bootneck with a wellies comin'. Laters innit!"

    Q Landy blown.
  8. Whilst the development of kit is generally kept under wraps (as much for commercial reasons as anything else); once in test or production stages there will be a a sales campaign to make sure that they can actually make some money back!! Damm I shouldn't have said that 'cos "the enemy" might now go to DSEi, HEMUS, Def Research Conf or even the 2 day MoD run DVD!

    There are many aspects of Ops which should rightly be kept secret (or whatever classification applies) but this isn't one of them. Googling "Unmanned Military Equipment" gets 158K hits. Damm done it again now "they" might start using open source material to gain intel!

    IMD :wink:
  9. Would that be the George Bush Avenue near Finsbury Park? :pissedoff:
  10. I put the phone number into Google and got the following:

    Security Oracle
    Police Oracle
    Parliament Connect
    MoD Oracle
    Partol Store
    UK Police Online
    Uniform Dating & Those seeking a date in Uniform
    Tactical Jack#Tri X Childcare

    And many others.

    is part of the NSI group of companies. In addition to our designated technical and sales staff, our staff includes former members of the UK police and the British army. Our team also has experience in protective security detail operations in overseas high-threat environments and has an in-depth knowledge of security provision in the UK.

    It must be a callcenter and it's in Redhill Surrey. If you put NSI Group into Google there are a million pies they have their fingers in.
  11. NMC
    if its a call centre, surely its in India, like all the rest seem to be. lol
  12. Remote control pies :?: 8O
    If they do a Snake and Sidney I'm up for it. :wink:
  13. Oi Fishhead! It's either Kate and Sidney, or Snake and Pygmy. You can't invent your own pie fillings - it's not on the menu. :lol:


  14. Good god, Mango Chutneying his weight about :oops: :oops:

    You better do as your told Fishhead, he's part of the "Yorkshire Terriers" Stirlings gang. 8O :roll: :twisted:

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