Snatch Landrovers

Radio 5 live had a small bit about Snatch Landrovers.
( I am not in the forces )

It said that last febuary a Light Protective Patrol Programme was launched and that 400 new Light reinforced vehicles will be ready by 2011/2012. What are these Vehicles and are some already in use.

Also is the Snatch Landrover still a usefull bit of kit and simply not right for Afganistan?

I would just like the view of those serving as to the pro's and cons of the vehicle. If this touches a nerve as any one on here has lost a friend in one then my apologises.

( I am not in the forces and please excuse spelling and punctuation )

Thankyou for your time.
It was announced just now on the BBC that a woman has been granted a judicial review into the governments refusal to hold an enquirey into the use of snatch landrovers.
StixJimboRM said:
21_Man said:
Who manufactures the Jackal?
Stokers in Guzz, last I heard!!

I think its either VT or Babcock that 'manufacture' them, then they are shipped down to Guzz as a kit of parts and assembled by Stokers (or at least a fairly large batch were made like this last year, IIRC)

So they will have a steering wheelspanner stowage, I presume

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