Snatch Land Rover's replacement is revealed by MoD


With the added gem;

Industry executives last month said that the first 200 would likely be funded by the Treasury by money set aside for urgent operational requirements, but that subsequent purchases might have to come out of the MoD's core budget.
The same Budget that has been cut to the bone by the Treasury. I think you will also find that the in service support of an operationally unproven vehicle will also come out of that very same Budget.
Usual bidders all getting a bite of the cherry as additional equipment
suppliers .

£500,000 each for the first batch

Suggest they look back to the days of the Rhodesia pre -Zimbabwe
army transport --the V shape for blast deflection armoured container shock mounted on a converted lorry chassis!-cheap and cheerful

I've always wanted a snatch-wagon.

Seriously though, it looks like a useful bit of kit. Let's just hope it offers more protection and actually works this time.
Passed-over_Loggie said:
Greenie Yeh but;


Its wheels work independently of each other; this means it is less of a problem if one falls off as the others would continue to work.
Yes but we have all seen what happens to a reliant Robin on top gear 8O Surely they should concentrate their efforts on making sure the wheels don't fall off.
So when MOD\HMG were saying that there wasn't a problem with the snatch landrovers they were busy behind the scenes procuring these bl00dy expensive vehicles ... err .... umm ... to replace the vehicles that they didn't have a problem with.... {fume}

And in the meantime, poor Percy is being blown to bits. I feel last weeks Panorama programme went a little bit to easy on MOD.
The need for a replacement was public knowledge to those who were interested; 17 FEB 09.

The LPPV will be a wheeled vehicle with an estimated gross vehicle weight of around 6 to 7 tonnes, capable of carrying up to 6 crew (2+4), integrated with a range of communication and electronic equipment providing protected mobility. LPPV will replace in-service light legacy platforms based on the Land Rover based SNATCH vehicle. Additionally, the platform may be used as the basis for the replacement to Land Rover WMIK.

The vehicle must provide the optimum levels of protection against a number of known and emerging threats of a varied nature including Ballistic, Blast, Mine and Fragmentation. As a guide the requirements for protection should be a minimum of level 2 ballistic and level 2 blast as detailed in STANAG 4569.

LPPVs are principally required for a wide range of patrol tasks and are normally expected to operate on roads and rough tracks and trails in urban, semi-urban and rural environments; they need to be sufficiently agile to provide high cross country mobility. To achieve the desired levels of urban manoeuvrability the vehicle will ideally have a width less than 2m and a turning circle less than 12m.

A pre-qualification questionnaire including draft requirements document will be made available to Industry following an initial down selection activity, which will provide more details of the requirement. Certain details within the document will be protectively marked (e.g equipment to be integrated into the vehicle) and will therefore only be available to potential contractors or their sub-contractors who hold, or are prepared and able to obtain, appropriate UK or equivalent national security accreditation.

The LPPV programme is currently funded to identify and develop solutions that have a potential to meet an Urgent Operational Requirement in mid 2010.

Depending on the technical feasibility of responses to this advert a programme will be formalised under normal UOR procurement procedures.

This advert is a risk reduction measure to investigate the possible options available to replace in-service legacy vehicles.

Expressions of interest may be submitted in writing and should include comprehensive vehicle technical specifications.

Although no great fuss was made, it wasn't exactly a secret.

For that production quantity, it's hardly worth DAF or JCB upsetting their mass production lines. If they did, do you think they would charge us for the extra overhead? It's easy to take the p**s out of DE&S but not so easy to actually do their job.
EasilyDistracted said:
I've always wanted a snatch-wagon.

Seriously though, it looks like a useful bit of kit. Let's just hope it offers more protection and actually works this time.
They have been playing with V shaped hulls were I work to see what damage can be taken with IED's etc. I suppose the Ocelot is a bi-product of that testing.

The Mastiff or Buldog has has a similar V-Hull.
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