Snakes on a Plane

Seems 4 baby python have escaped from a flight down under.

Perfect plot for the summer blockbuster. The four escape into the vast baggage handling systems, surviving on airport rats/junk food. Only one day to board an unsuspecting flight....

"They're not endangered so a decision was made to fumigate...if these snakes turn up they will be very much dead snakes," David Epstein of Qantas said.
- Famous last words

- The twist to the story... they can survive gas attacks (which enraged them and caused the super venom... )

Snakes on a Plane 2 : More Planes

- You heard it here first.

Any RR's near Melbourne, with a video camera?
My cousin is a maintainer with QANTAS. I'll ask him to keep an eye out. So far his worst experience is being attacked by giant cockroaches on a Garuda aircraft. Pythons might be a welcome change. :lol:

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