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Snakes invade Urban Australia

The serpents are slithering into the dens of iniquity... well no, not actually through my letterbox yet, but in Sydney, somewhere beneath our feet. Apparently the drought is driving the creatures inwards in search of Fosters XXXX, though any moisture will do really.

An alternative interpretation is that they are reclaiming their native property from the human colonisers and the good ol' days when the only values were wild values! :twisted:


War Hero
any bunch that can live there for a couple of hundred years

Australian Aborigines have lived there for tens of thousands of years and are very hardy and in tune with the nature. Europeans have only a couple of hundred years experience of life down under.


War Hero
I am reminded of the time I had to wrestle the 4 metre Brown Snake out of my Mums flower bed. All in a days work really. If one worried too much about being bitten, stung or eaten in Australia one would never set foot outside. Must go now, my nephew is in the yard dealing with a 6 metre Taipan, as he is only 5 he may need a hand. :wink:
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