SMQ North Christmas leave 2019


Hi, I have received my joining instructions for SMQ North, I'm starting the course 4th November. It says that SMQ(N) will instruct through public and bank holidays. Does anyone know if there will be a Christmas leave period or will there be instruction throughout? Thanks.


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You will have Christmas leave, SMQ is part of the submarine school in Raleigh, Raleigh Christmas leave is 20th Dec to the 6th of Ian so I'm guessing SMQ will be the same but I wouldn't take that as Gospel.


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Pah, I expected the reply to be '2 hours off on Christmas Day for lunch, then back to the systems tracing (dry)'

As an aside - one of my best ever Christmas Days was literally just back from ooop north, me Duty Forward Tech. Wife stayed at home girlfriend came onboard! Fret not, there was a divorce ongoing!
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