smooth boys 700z /na39

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. hello out their just seen a photogragh of 12 officers seated/ standing in their squdron BENTLEY car reg NA 39 from 1962 on 700z squdron with their flying helmets painted in the scull/crossbones at the front of the car what a load of smoothies/ bets wishes scouse/
  2. They were not that smooth, in the sixties you can see them in front of aircraft with vintage cars, vesper cycles and all maner of crap, but remember they came from BRNC and were taught to treat the men who maintained thier aircraft like shit, most killick air mechanics in the mid sixties were all trying to leave the mob D by P, sick to the back teeth by the attitude of naval officers (pilots) Friends of mine have gone AWOL when threatenend with a draft to a front line squadron, Scimitar, Vixen or Nana, the navy should have had, at that time, the best air force in the UK unfortunatly it was not to be. The navy believed an air force was operated by pilots(officers) Not so, they can prance in the wardroom all night long, but if there is no operational aircraft for them to fly in the morning then HMG is going to take thier toys away. I thought to myself why am I working like a slave (and getting paid less) to allow a few officers to fly a couple of sorties a day, I am shure the sailors costume has a lot to due with this, if we had a sensible uniform we would have been treated with respect
  3. Bad day at the Legion huffnut?! :pottytrain5:
  4. Do not forget that driving a "vintage" car from the late 1920s/1930s in 1962 was the same as driving a car from the 1970s today!

    How much is your average 1970s car worth today?

    Now a Bentley may not be your average car, but the values have gone up over the last thirty odd years. In the 1960s nobody wanted an open top car with a crash gearbox etc. The going rate for a Bentley in those days was about GBP10/litre for a real "W O" Bentley, so it is not as if they were all rich kids throwing money around.

  5. sorry you felt that way hufnut cringe apart from the 1st year at ST Vincent training i really liked being on the Bucc / sqdns 700/z 809 Lossie / Aberdeen where great runs ashore and it was my preferance draft choice after doing the last commmission on the Victorious it wasnt that bad being a killick /well not for me anyway did say ROMFT a few times though loads of good memories for me oppo /scouse
  6. hi mc gloggie after doing my 12 in the andrew mainly on Buccs then aircrewman/wessex/wasps i worked for RR/BENTLEY at Crewe for30 years before it was carved up between BMW and V/W have made a few bentleys in my time W O Speed 8 that won Lee Mans is still at Crewe in its racing green have been in in contact with the new owner of na 39 now xt3690 and it must be worth a mint /best wishes /scouse
  7. MM wrote...
    Bad day at the Legion huffnut?
    Nope, never been a member, but have had many happy days on airfields, Navy, RAF and AAC but life on board a ship is not for me, the example of the WREN that was left dying on the floor of her billet was discusting, no one had the courage to help this young girl because they thought they might be on a charge for helping her, I used to fly with a former 1SL and I am sure that he woul;d be devistated by the death of this young wren.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    HuffNorm: What the feck are you wittering on about? "Wren left dying on the floor"? Have you not read the thread about it? Or any of the facts? Or do you just read the newspaper headline and make your own mind up from that?

    And why should your bezzy winger the former 1SL's opinion be more relevant than anyone elses?

    And judging by your previous post, it sounds like you're stuck in a time warp... :roll:
  9. Well I thought it might have been Norm, but after being suitably impressed by his air-miles friendship with 1SL I realised that it could not possibly be the Norman we know and love as he does not get on with occifers!

  10. Mc whats an ISL ? its a new one on me AIREY FAIREY forever /is it some crab lingo /all the best scouse
  11. Scouse;

    You are living up yo your name!

    Read again - We are not talking about an ISL (have no idea what that is ether) but 1SL as in First Sea Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hm i never meet one ?
  13. For what it's worth Scouses opinion of FAA pilots and observers in the 60s is spot on.
    They were the most arrogant bunch of cnts you could ever meet. There were of course exceptions and I could name a number of them who were respected by the maintainers but the majority were pissed with their own importance.
  14. Hi slim im not bitter about it/ it was a known fact/ you never saw any of them in The two red shoes did you .we had a much better run ashore than any officer . Just read a book with an article by Captain Alan Leahy CBE DSC Quote on the whole the aircrews had a much better deal than the maintaneers speaks for its self doesnt it cheers scouse/
  15. You wore a sailors costume because you were in the navy? What did you expect a ******* space suit. Get a grip.
  16. danny wrote...You wore a sailors costume because you were in the navy? What did you expect a * space suit. Get a grip.

    I wore a sailors costume bacause I had to, in the fifties you signed your life away at 16 or 17, there was no getting out after a few months, you did as you were told or you were hung from the yard arm or made to walk the plank, consequently the navy(fleet air arm) ended up with people who did'nt want to be there for 9 or 12 years. I served on a DLG and the discontent was not only FAA but the fisheads were not that happy either. Looking at the commisioning booklet I notice that on board there were 50 officers stewards and cooks which seems over the top for a 5000 ton ship. It's people like you who makes sure that thev navy is decades behind the other two services. One would have thought that the RN at this time would have given its men good training, good weapons systems, and a smart uniform(not just SR's and officers) for hundreds of years the navy rules of apartheid and class discrimination have operated to the ill of the service.
  17. You cant take the uniform away i think the navy has probably lost more than enough without loosing the uniform. Square rig is the navy. The navy is all about tradition and we shoudnt lose that. Theres not much to be proud of in the modern navy. But the traditions of the service and what it has achieved in the past are one of them.
    As for being behind the other services i would like to hear some examples of how we are behind the army. Working with the army daily they seem to do some very pointless things just for the sake of it. The sort of things which make lads want to rap.
  18. Also lads in the army get treated and spoke to far worse than navy JRs do. And they dont have a 'silly' uniform.

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