How many smokers are currently in the selection process or actually in the RN.

Just curious as I have giving up around 4 month ago with the help of an electronic cigarette and the have seen massive improvements with fitness levels and endurance. Would 'E-ciggy' be a problem taking to the PRNC or Raleigh, only other option would be to take patches. Any other smokers giving up this way ?


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My friend is coming home from a 6 month deployment in 2 weeks and he is a smoker. H'es been in for about 8 years now I think, smoking every day. He can pass all the fitness tests but there is a definite lag on the 1.5 mile run. He said to me once that on ship it's hard not to smoke especially if you have already given up smoking, due largely to day-to-day life. He didn't go into details about what that entails since he "didn't want to ruin your idea of the navy", so at a complete stab in the dark guess, I'd say the stress of not much down time between shifts/not being able to do much at sea other than work, sleep, read, videogames/ not getting much personal time etc


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You do realise the Navy is not a concentration camp and they do allow people to go to the toilet and go outside etc. Of course an E cig is ok, but you can't smoke indoors.

Snowman 91 your mate is talking utter drivel its east not to smoke in the Navy I have been doing it for about 8 years. He is just weak willed and looking for an excuse to blame his minging habit on. If you don't want to smoke its simple don't smoke.


Not been able to smoke whether it be onboard a ship/vessel or at training wouldn't be an issue for me personally, I do sometimes have the odd few cigarettes after a few drinks while out on the sauce. After smoking since I was 16 i probably will never smoke again, as long as i had my e-cig of course haha.

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