Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Mothball, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Cna you become aircrew if you smoke? Its just I've got an interview ina couple of days and i dont want to go in there smelling of fags and being told I can't fly if I do.
  2. Don't know if times have changed since the mid 80s but on my flight both the pilot and observer smoked. May have been the stress of the job but in those days there seemed to be a higher percentage of aircrew smokers than non aircrew smokers. On a more serious note having spent 12 years in the tobacco industry I would recommend giving it up. There are all sorts of additives in tobacco to improve the flavour, chocolate and molasses being two of the more pleasant ones
  3. If you can pass the medical even if you smoke then I would think you could still be aircrew.

    But do yourself a favour and stop smoking, the fitness tests/medical would be so much easier if you did.
  4. I don't think there is a specific ban on smoking but bear in mind that you will have lung function tested and this will be reduced if you smoke, even if you're not a heavy smoker. It also portrays a more healthy image if you don't stink of cigarettes.

    Also, FYI, after smoking a cigarette your blood pressure goes up significantly and takes about 10-15 mins to settle. Worth bearing in mind if you're having a quick one out the back before the medical!
  5. Ah, a whole new subject here I fancy. When I joined Her Brittanic Majesty's Royal Navy (1957) the first thing they taught us was how to smoke. The second lesson involved alcohol and the third (well, I'll leave it to your imagination but, thank God, it was heterosexual!) Blue liners were freely available and, with the passing of time, I became eligible for the tot. Both are now gone alas and I am grateful that I retired before the latter become optional and the alternative (it seems) compulsory! I still enjoy grog and my pipe but, in moderation and, for what it is worth, I don't smoke in the house - I can't put up with the redecoration! As for the health considerations - as a pipe smoker, it's interesting that insurance companys regard me as a non-smoker - apparently it's all to do with the toxins in cigarettes that are not present in leaf tobacco. Still an active climber and high hill walker, touch wood, I'm still in good nick.
  6. The added benefit of a pipe is that if you have a good tobacconist you can get your own special blend made up for you! Though with hand-rolled you get the same benefit, but not the same rich, lingering flavour and aroma. Sadly since I've been asthmatic I've had to stop... but still love the fruity aroma of a good tobacco leaf... mmmmmmmmmmm :) ...followed by coughing and spluttering...
  7. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Back in the day when I was a TAS Ape I was also a SMAC Rating, prepping torpedoes, DCs, etc. During Defence Watches all the SMAC Ratings would be the relief FLight Deck Party when the WAFUs were stood down off watch.

    One day, whilst doing maintenance of my clicky chair, we got a shout to do an emergency land on, rotors running, refuel for a German Lynx. We prepped and waited...

    Helo on deck, 4 nylon lashinss, facing forward, 2 POB... and we began pumping AVCAT. German Pilot climbs out of the cab, cigar in mouth, zippo in hand, about to spark up... until the FDO 'escorts' him to the appropriate designated area!!

    :shock: :lol:
  8. Did anyone explain to him that we won the War in '45 and that we're allies now? :lol:
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well Herman the German was a Kapitänleutnant (or summit!) and I was just an AB(S) at the time, so I wan't in a position to shout at him (plus I was pumping gallons of warm fuel with my long black rubber hose into his petrol pigeon at the time!)
  10. Surely he'd understand it if you shouted Schweinhund! Vi vun ze vor! :wink:
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Nah, I tried that but the downblast from the rotors was too noisy!
  12. Heard a dit that they were banning smoking on ships - any truth, as under the new legislation out next year they can still smoke in army/raf bases as they arre classed as 'residential'???
  13. Smoking will be on upper deck only in ships will still be allowed on Subs aparently a human rights issue! and also difficult to get a light on the upperdeck of a boat. :wink:
  14. On the RAF base up here they have had designated smoking areas for years, quite a lot of them outside.
  15. Not quite true about subs - here is the official line:

    New rules on smoking in Scotland and RN Ships came into effect on 26 March 2006. For England, Wales and Northern Ireland, new rules will be phased in as the relevant new legislation comes into force.

    Particular emphasis on this new policy is to ensure that those who do not wish to be subjected to smoke of others need not be. It is fully consistent with the current cessation policy and also with our healthy lifestyle and fitness strategies.


    RN Surface Warships
    Became smoke-free between decks on 26 March 2006 (the date the Scottish regulations took effect).

    HM Submarines
    Will become smoke-free by 1 Jun 2007, this is to enable those who do smoke sufficient time to quit and take full advantage of the help available in all sickbays (see smoking cessation).

    Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ships
    Smoking was banned in all public areas between decks in Apr 06 and is now only allowed in individual cabins and designated external smoking areas (subject to operational restrictions). From Mar 07, smoking will be banned in all internal areas and permitted only in designated external smoking areas (subject to operational restrictions) then RFA policy will mirror that of the SURFLOT.

    Service Accommodation, Messes and Clubs
    New rules came effect across the Scottish Defence Estates on 26 Mar 06, all smoking in Service Messes and Clubs was banned.

    By the end of 06 it is intended that there will be a smoke-free policy across Defence Estates in England and Wales. Additionally there are intentions for flexibility when it comes to smoking in a ‘designated room’ only in Service Messes and Clubs. CO’s will be able (but not required) to designate some single occupancy sleeping accommodation for smokers. No individual will be put in a position of having to occupy a ‘smoking’ accommodation area if they are unwilling.

    RN Smoking Cessation (SC) Campaign

    Research has proven that the correct use of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and the provision of group support significantly increases quit attempts.

    Medical centres have a mandatory requirement to provide SC services. SC courses last 7/8 weeks requiring attendance for an hour a week, they can be conducted in a group or one to one. SC services are also available on ships and submarines.

    Attendance at these sessions is classed as a medical appointment, line managers should therefore give full support and encouragement to their personnel to attend.

    Further Information

    Further information on all smoking policy matters please contact Lt Cdr Kerry Relf FLEET-NLM-SO2 Health:

    Phone: 02392 625547 | (Mil) 93832 5547
  16. Thanks for the info F169. Policy is a good one if you want to quit, but there are some out there who despite all the help that is avaiable cannot quit, and believe it or not some who do not want to. Did you know that when the ban on smoking in the work place comes into effect that the only place of 'work' you will be able to smoke without fear of reprisal will be (and I may be wrong on the termination, but the fact is essentially correct) Royal Residencies - guess what the 'Palace' of Westminster is designated as, so when Jo Public can only have a smoke with his beer in the privecy of his own home, our gallent MP's will have at least on of their bars were smoking is permitted, ah well at least it means some of them (the dedicated smokers) will be spending more time in the place of work, even if they are not doing any!!!

    By the way to a large extent I agree with allowing non smokers the opportunity to get away from the smoke, but I think they have gone way to far witht the legislation
  17. Mate, I have never smoked but I think the regs the RN has been forced to introduce because of external legislation is completely fascist. Also in small units there has to be an H&S issue about having to smoke in a designated 'safe' area on the upper deck.

    In some weather conditions I can think of nowhere in a type 23 that would be safe and God knows what it could be like on a modern MCMV or smaller. We used to have the ethos that your mess was your home. The extractor fans were designed to cope in the later ships and smoking didnt cause me a problem.
  18. Agree, dont get me wrong I am a smoker, and I think that the legislation coming into effect goes to far, especially where grey funnel line is concerned, when I 1st heard about proposed ban on HM Ships I wrote to my MP he passed the letter onto the Defence Sec and I got a load of crap back about what facilities would be avaiable to help forces personnel quit, and that it was down to the individual commanding officer to decite if his ship was smoke free between deck (wish I had kept it now, but binned it in disgust), none of which answered my questions about the possiblity of a sailor losing his life being washed overboard because he had went onto the upper deck for a smoke when the weather was rough, each and every ship in the RN must have a designated between deck smoking area

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