Smoking, pictures on packets.

Anounced on ITV news this morning that as from next year all cigarette packets must have a picture on it of the "effects of smoking".

These pictures (15 in the set)will they come with an album?and canyou swap them so you can complete the set, like the pre war ones that are now collectors items? :dwarf:
I can see the kids in the playground now:

"Swap you emphysema for lung cancer!"

Perhaps it would make more impact if they had a picture of Dot Cotton on the pack.
Perhaps they could standardise the pictures to "brands". Have all the B&Hs, say, showing buggered lungs and perhaps Mayfairs showing gum tumours. It would solve all the problems of kids leaving school illiterate; "a 20 pack of tooth rots please squire"?

Will the subjects of the gallery of horrors be guaranteed anonymity or get royalties from the sales? Will we have pictures of vomit pools on tins of lager next??
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