Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Permissionopenmuzzledoor, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. Can any one tell me the latest on this? Has it been banned at sea? I am aware you cannot smoke alongside, but has the ban be/being implemented? Any dates if it has not?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Having just spent the previous three months at sea, I can confirm that the smoking ban is now in place. As we sailed prior to the MOD-wide ban becoming regulation, we opted to quit the morning we sailed. Smoking was then permitted when the casing was OTV the afternoon we surfaced.
    I do hope, however, that some skippers may in future relax these rules whilst on Patrol.
  3. Under the Scottish anti smoking laws Submarines along with prisons are excempt
    Form your own opinion on the reasoning
  4. Found that the space below the Stbd air compressor on CONQUEROR and VALIANT were favourite smoking pads - but only if you had loads of Polo mints or chewing gum for later. The rumour that we blew a perfect smoke ring when we surfaced ? Well I contributed to it, but didn't see it............
  5. Surely it's to take away the smell of a crew of the Great Unwashed (Submariners) during NATO exercises so they don't frighten off our allies, unused to the sweat soaked cheesy aroma of sub-matelots....

    Head down awaiting incoming flak... :biggrin:
  6. Duck, sucker (big incoming thingy) !!
    The thing that used to frighten our NATO allies more than the smell was the frequency of green grenades flying into the sky, signifying "You're dead, asshole".
  7. More like the occasional "red"......[​IMG] (what fecking asshole loaded a red, as the skipper strangles the fwd scope...)
  8. ACC' sexuality has nothing to do with this thread.

    Oh wait a says duck sucker (big incoming thingy).

    I'm off to watch a Carry On film......oooooooooooooh matron...... :dwarf:
  9. And here's another green grenade - DUCK MATRON, YOU SUCKER !!!
  10. No doubt about it imho the filthy ngikcuf habit should be banned completely in all services . Causes more trouble , ill-health plus fires there is no room for debate , not negotiable , total ban . Anyone smoking these days must have a death wish and on ' boats ' NEVER ,

  11. hobbit, please stop sitting on the fence over this..
  13. Smoking along side in Faslane was banned when the ban in Scotland came in. I believe (from what I’ve been told) that smoking at sea was allowed, but now the full UK ban is in force there is no smoking at sea or along side. Whether a particular Captain relaxes this ban at sea remains to be seen.

  14. Are you calling AAC a Puff?
  15. I never smoked in the MR under the Stbd Comp when I was on Conx however I have got a big lump on me forehead from brass valve on the port side. :thanks:
  16. Ahhh bring back Diesels and snort on the surface, nobody would know the fecking difference... :thumright:

    Lol..brought back a funny memory, once we were dived and all of a sudden we had to surface...some snotter thought he smelled the aroma of MJ....(probably did, but who knows)....I made the EO surface once by playing Pink Floyds "Echoes" over the **** what a riot... :w00t:
  17. im on astute and they have already told us that there will be no smoking on board at all and as far as i know that includes when we get to faslane when that will be nobody knows
  18. Funniest thing is watching the Jan Dockies now theyve binned smoking in the DML licenced site... flashbacks of schooldays and people having crafty tabs behind walls... theyre only allowed to smoke now on their way to and from work and on their 'sanctioned unpaid lunch hour'..
  19. Apart from Boats, is smoking banned on the upper deck on surface[​IMG] ships?

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