Smoking on Submarines


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Only smoking in the garbo and the Machy workshop on SSBN. And it is all being banned shortly. The poor dirty stinking tabbers will be in bits after 3 months without a smoke!!
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theoldti said:
Apparantly you can still smoke the big chap in the MCC, as long as you are on the access list...................
you just wish you were on the access list :lol:

No smoking on V boats when along side
I was on the access list AFJ. You'd have noticed if you weren't in your farter all the time. Didn't see any big chap smoking though, just a big chap muttering something about deep sleep or sudden death.



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We had a big no smoking period on VALIANT in the 70s: best way of getting around it was to sit by the air compressor inlets in the motor room and chew lots of spearmint gum. Problem was when we surfaced, there was always a big smoke ring when we hit the roof !!
Yep, definate no smoking on SSBN from June 1st. Hubby ain't impressed as a life long addict that he's gotta give it up!


I did a boat trip last Sep-Nov and it was widely known that the SM service would be the same as the surface fleet and go to no smoking on the same day - ie 1st Jun 07
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