Smoking on Submarines

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by RHODESIAN, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. Firstly hello everybody,I have been reading about the new smoking ban and I was surprised to see that Submarines are going to be exempt from it,me being uneducated in the ways of Submarines would have thought this would have been a definate no no can anybody enlighten me please?
  2. They wont be exempt. They have just been given an extra year to comply. During this time all Submariners will be 'encouraged' and 'assisted' to give up smoking.
  3. Thanks AuldYin I gave up about 6 years ago,but I should imagine it would be very hard to do on a Submarine,thanks for your reply
  4. I went on my sons bomber a couple of years age and there was a smoking hole down where the gash was ditched.quite well used in fact including the xo,mind you it was small,i think half a dozen at a time would be max.
  5. I suppose it will depend on wether the Skipper is a smoker or not,plus when some people give up smoking it can make them a bit snappy and that cannot be good in a confined space
  6. How the hell is any politically correct politician gonna find out about people smoking on submarines in the first place? Well I suppose someone might squeal if they didn't get enough curry on a wednesday.
  7. Have you not found out yet "a true friend is not a person who knows where you buried a body. It is only the person who helped you bury the body"

  8. on my last boat you could smoke in the ams or the after platform
  9. On my last Boat we had none. The rats and cockies scoffed 'em all. Footwear too!
  10. They have given me a plasic fag with nicotine inserts.

    Damned hard to light, smells terrible, lots of thick black smoke and not reusable asit says on the tin :wink:
  11. How will boats produce smoke signals without smokers! :wink: :grin: It's skimmers that will really suffer though. What about creating smoke screens to hide their position from an enemy... no longer will they have the smokers union puffing away at the stern, now they'll have to use expensive smoke cannisters! :shock: Don't HMG realise this is going to add to the procurement budget! :roll: :lol:
  12. When will the politicoes practice what they preach. I have been informed that the palace of westminister has its smoking area's (including a bar or 2) and will continue to have them after the ban on smoking in bars and the workplace comes into effect.

    a case of do as we say not as we do
  13. "HM Submarines are to be smoke-free by June 07" in accordance with the Defence Information Bulletin issued in Dec 06.
  14. 1st June - nae more tabbin on the after escape platform ...

    That'll be a grumpy old boat then!

    I can't wait to see who has the commitment and dedication to not smoke for 4 or 5 or 6 weeks (or longer), and then ask for permission to go to the Radar Mast Well for a tab when the boat surfaces!
  15. Those desperate enough will still spark up first opportunity they get to up for a spot of freshers, as seen when freon levels had stopped smoking for the duration. My self I think its yet another sign of PC madness, smoked down the Garbo on my last boat and don't think that hurt anyone.
  16. Apparantly you can still smoke the big chap in the MCC, as long as you are on the access list...................
  17. you just wish you were on the access list :lol:

    No smoking on V boats when along side
  18. I was on the access list AFJ. You'd have noticed if you weren't in your farter all the time. Didn't see any big chap smoking though, just a big chap muttering something about deep sleep or sudden death.

  19. The only time there was 'no smoking throughout the boat' was when battery charging took place, if my ole memory serves my right.
    Mind you, in MY day everyone smoked! What about DF'S , will they or have they perished too ? :shock:
    So 'one all round' will be placed in the gash bag of history will it?
  20. All gone I’m afraid. No more “one all roundâ€, RIP DFs. There’s been no smoking alongside (in Scotland at least) for a while, and soon boats will be smoking free.

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