Smoking in cars.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, May 15, 2006.

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  1. perhaps a lot of you dont smoke,i smoke a pipe,which is extremely difficult to do in a car without setting fire to yourself,however this is now going to cost you 60 squid,as my only pleasure is smoking and planning revenge,whatever next?Stop me using my mobile,whilst having a dram and reading my paper on the move? The worlds going mad.
  2. They'll be letting women in ships next.
  3. Should ban smoking outright, at least I could give up easily. I always make it, until I go into a pub and smell that sweet sweet smoke. To quote the late and very great Bill Hicks.

    "When your trying to give up every cigarette looks as if it was grown by God, rolled by Jesus and moistened shut using Claudia Schiffers pussy.....gosh that's tempting"
  4. Giving up smoking is easy. My bird's done it at least six fucking times.
  5. You do know that one of the reasons it is hard to give up is because you have nothing to do with your hands, or something missing from your mouth...................I'll leave you to think of what to do :wink:
  6. Well hello Jenny!!!!
  7. Have I missed something ? has smoking in a car been banned ? If so the police on the M3 today did a poor job enforcing it.
  8. Surely it is already an offence to drive without due care and attention, and I am sure that lighting, holding a burning object and puffing on it is more of a distraction than using a mobile. No new law is needed, just a bit of imagination by the police... :wink:
  9. Come on mate, don't be ridiculous, that'll NEVER happen! Just think about the problems hotbunking... Then again :D
  10. It was in the Scottish Press this morning,as usual we get shafted first,but it will be incorporated in the Highway Code within the next tweve months,Its just like the drunken drivers, they cause less accidents than the rest,so get them off the road (the Rest), and us drunks can have a hooley.
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Ze dictators have spoken, you vill no longer do anyzing vich you like to do in your own property. You vill no longer do anyzing vich may harm you and you vill not do anyzing vich may offend anyone!!!!

    Good old Nanny state strikes again, does this mean I cant shave on the way to work anymore, it has been a bit of a nightmare mind you, foam gets everywhere!!!!! :lol:
  12. Filthy disgusting habit! I intend to give it up again real soon.
  13. It makes me wonder why if smoking is so bad for smokers and the people who manage to inhale smoke fumes from smokers why hasn't the sale of
    tobacco been banned.

    Make it a class A substance if its that dangerous .

    More restrictive laws---- I have a feeling that with all the people stopping smoking the treasury must be feeling the loss of revenue from less tobacco being sold so they have to compensate with fines .

    A for no smoking in pubs - there's about ten pubs up here all put in for planning permission to open up beer gardens with awnings etc--
  14. I hope they don't do that here! In the Peoples Republic of Oregon, my car is the only place I CAN smoke. Even smoking outdoors is banned on city property. During certain times of the year, I can't even smoke outdoors on MY OWN property.

    I guess I could quit, but I already gave up sex, drugs and rock and roll, so I gotta have something!
  15. Are they banning smoking in cars (outrageous abuse of civil liberties) or smoking while driving (same, but with at least some logic)? I haven't heard this at all.
  16. What about me smoking my favourite cigars as I ride my motorbike ?
    (who do I complain to about this ???)
  17. Here's what the people think anyway

    Personally, I believe a car is your personal property, should be construed as being like your home, and providing you are not forcing anyone else (like your missus and kids) to smoke by proxy then I don't see a problem.

    As an ex smoker, I used to always light up behind the wheel. But then I circumnavigated the M25 every day and it helped pass the time in all those jams.
  18. The reason the Gov. in all countries won't completely ban smoking and/or the sale of tabacco products is that they can't afford to loose the revenue. Just think of how they will recoup this loss. Up the excise on alcohol, petrol, a fresh air tax etc, etc

    Just remember, everthing you like is either illegal, immoral or fattening
  20. As an ex smoker 30 a day|| .I would never have smoked in my car nor do i allow anyone else to do it :?

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