Smoking ban taken a step further

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by _Tim_, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. I don't smoke, nor do I condone it. I certainly don't think that the 13 year old girls I see smoking should be, for the record. I do think, though, that people should be free to decide whether or not they want to smoke. However, I think greater education will help abolish the ignorance that a lot of people have.

  2. I don't have a problem with people smoking as long as I can't smell it! :thumright:
  3. By removing the product from the shelves, the government are adding to the illicit idea of smoking rather than the unhealthy one, which will more than likely help to reinstate the 'cool' factor formally associated with tabbing for young teenagers.
  4. If the government was serious about peoples health and smoking then they would ban it full stop. Even saying something along the lines of "In six months time smoking will be illegal". But its all just lip service really, isn't it.
  5. I have a feeling smoking is something the government dont like due to the amount the NHS have to spend to cure cancer and other things smoking does to people am I correct?
    But If I am I wonder what will happen with alcohol as well
  6. What a load of rubbish.

    I have never smoked and the display of tobaco products has never tempted me. Nor did cheapo blue liners at Ganges.

    All they have done by hiding the weed is make it more deirable to those that go for that sort of thing.
  7. I'm currently in day 4 of my latest attempt to give up the 'bines. Whilst this measure probably wont stop anyone from starting to smoke, it will make it easier for those trying to give up.
    The anti-smoking debate always seems to get focused around the problem of younger people starting to smoke. Thats a battle the law will never win. Non smokers will never appreciate the sheer pleasure to be had from smoking, people are always going to do it. It will always be cool. Removing the stuff from display will be far more effective than the measures taken to date.
  8. My response sort of applies to both of these:

    The government won't ban it because of the amount of taxes they get from the tobacco lobby.

    Are cigarettes subject to VAT? If so, here's an example.
    10 million people in the UK smoke (as of July '07), that's 1/6 of us.

    Assuming that, on average, someone smokes 20 a day and that the average pack costs a fiver, we can say this.

    1 pack a day at a fiver x 7 days =£35
    if you multiply that for the month, that's £140
    over 12 months, that's £1,680. That's one person spending 1,680 quid in a year.

    Now, 10 million smokers would spend £16 800 000 000. That's a lot, no?

    On VAT alone, with the new 15.5% VAT, that is £ 2 604 000 000.

    Not to mention the tax from the tobacco company's profits.

    So say all you want about banning smoking full stop. It will never happen.

    EDIT: A friend of mine just notified me of the fact that "cigarettes are taxed higher to compensate for the strain they put on the NHS".

    2nd EDIT: He also told me "77% of the cost of a packet of cigarettes is tax".

    so just multiply the VAT number by 5 and you'll have a rough estimate- approximately 13 billion quid.
  9. Clanky, I treat myself to 10 at the weekend, the first one after brunch with a cup of strong tea on Saturday is ace.
  10. I would guess the tax from cigerettes is closer to 60% all told. And probably similar with alcohol.
    An interesting study would be to compare the taxes gained from tobacco and alcohol and compare this with the cost to the NHS. My guess would be the taxes would come out on top in both cases, but this study would be unlikely to get the green light because it would expose the governments real motive in not banning tobacco and imposing limitations on alcohol - i.e. not for 'freedom of choice'

    For the record though, I'm an ex-smoker and I love a good drink so I would hope no further controls are put in place.

    P.S. I thought the net VAT was 15%?
  11. My friend just told me it was 77%. So either way, that's an immense amount of cash.

    And as for VAT, I thought they knocked 2% off. Sorry about that. 0.5% won't make a huge difference anyway :p


    This link says that the NHS's expenditure is 98.6 billion quid a year.

    And the problem is that medical treatment is getting better, so people are living longer. With old age comes more illness. So, I'd say smoking puts a considerable strain on the NHS but I would like to know the exact figure.
  12. .

    Get thee behind me Satan! :dwarf:
  13. I only smoke after sex.

    I must slow down! :thumright:
  14. It makes a lot of difference to Mr Tax man who comes knocking on businesses like ourselves door if we get it wrong lol

    It's 15% Vat

    I though Alcohol and Cigs were like Fuel they had a Duty Tax and VAT Tax

    Yes the co-operate tax would be big as well as they're big companies. Small businesses pay 20% Tax on their profits. It would be more than that on big companies
  15. Claire Curtis-Thomas MP was on Woman's Hour this morning arguing that Nuts and similar mags should be legally placed on the top shelf as they might shock children. WTF are their parents doing? Do disabled people always need to ask for the stuff aloft. I share Lamri's view: either ban it or allow it. Of course tobacco will never be banned as it raises too much cash for the government.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Surely in the current economic climate, it's time for the Government to implement the "Tobin Tax"?

    By adopting this alternative revenue policy, by imposing a 0.01% annual tax on the trade of buying and selling currency, Britain alone could create £3 billion a year that you could ring-fence for a specific purpose (employment initiatives, health care, defence, etc). Forget the Geldof "give us yer feckin' money!" nonsense.

    All those millionaires telling us to make poverty history by offering to cancel Third World debt, but only for countries prepared to sell off the family silver by privatizing their infrastructure and the basis of any future economic power to western corporations - forget that! Three billion just from the money change? Imagine what you could do with that!
  17. You may have already heard this but if not here goes.
    To give up, you really have to want to in the first place.
    Try working out how much it costs you in a year, then think of what that money could buy for you. It got my dad a foreign holiday each year after he quit.

    I'm lucky, I only ever had one cig' and that was behind the bike sheds at school.

    Good luck with it anyway.
  18. For what its worth, the way that worked for me was removing the 'finality' from it. I don't say 'I'm never going to have another cigarette again' and so if I have one its no big deal.
    I don't feel quilty if I have the odd smoke, or even a packet. I also found it easier to reduce the amount per day rather than going cold turkey.

    Best of luck!
  19. I'm actually an expert at giving up moking, I've done it dozens of times!
    I always find that "just having one" always leads back to full time tabbing again.
    Different things work for different folks. I tend to smoke a lot when I'm drinking, so one of my tactics this time will be to only patronise boozers without a decent smoking area, so that I'm gaining General Winter as an ally in my struggle.
    Back on thread
    I still think todays news is a realistic approach to the problem, far more effective than banning sponsorship etc.
  20. Good point that Capt Black. I have the same philosophy, though I didn't exactly realise it.

    I stopped two and a half years ago almost by accident. Was never a heavy smoker (with a pint - so a bit heavy I suppose), but when out with other smokers got involved with 'crashing the tabs' or whatever and smoked far more than I wanted. I insisted on just going by myself and within a couple of weeks just stopped. I've never said 'never again' but even the Christmas treat of a cigar went unsmoked.

    Piece of piss really.

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