smoking ban outside WTF

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by bikerman, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Is this the end of the local pub as we know it as Barnsley want to ban smoking outside as well ?

    A lot of landlords have done a stirling job of providing outside smoking areas so they can cater for everybody so why are they now going to be prescuted further, sending more pubs to the the wall. :rambo:
  2. It's nice now to be able to go into a pub and not be forced to breathe the cloying polluted atmosphere that smokers generate. However, to now get into some of these places one often has to squeeze through a group of the addicts as they stand blocking the doorway, huddled around having their fix and with no regard of the effect their filthy habbit has on anyone else. Ignorant winkers, the lot of 'em.

    Not only that but half the litter found on the streets is generated by smokers as they throw their empty fag packets and fag butts on the floor (apart from Michael Barrymore who dumped his used fags in the pool).

    Ban smoking outside as well? Yep, I'm all for it. And raise the cost of cigarettes to about £20 a packet immediately and only permit them to be sold in licensed tobacconists not newsagents, supermarkets, garages, cigarette machines nor anywhere else.

    Smokers! Fcuk 'em! Filthy scum.
  3. find now when i go out with mates, dont see them for half the night as one or other is always away for a smoke. mind works other way easy to chat to more lasses .as they are in the same area puffing .and the smoking bans a good way to get into conversation. :w00t:
  4. I'll definately second that. :dance:
  5. Tch, Tch J.G. Sir Winston Churchill (winner WWII) smoked quite a bit.
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  6. Methinks "filthy scum" is a bit harsh, considering the amount tax we pay for the privilage.

    And while we are on the subject, what about alcohol? The amount of violence which is booze related is on the increase, the damage it does to the body with long term or excessive use, "pavement pizzas" being a common sight on a Sat/Sun morning. Even if you smoked 20 fags one after the other you are hardly likely to go out and start a punch up.

    Now I respect the right of others not to have to feel the effects of my nasty habit and have always been willing to venture out into the blizzard for my fix clutching an empty beer/bean can. (no litter). Some pubs in my area that dont have a beer garden have no choice but to have people smoke outside, some have even provided ashtray things bolted to the wall. You have to go somewhere otherwise a lot of people will stop going to the pub, some of these places will survive but a number will not due to loss of custom.

    Which is worse, passing said crowd of addict for about 10 seconds or possibly having your local close down due to lack of trade?

  7. it's not so nice to go into some pubs and be able to smell, piss,sweat, old farts (both senses of the word). I don't want the fags back, just some pubs to clean up their act/premises.
  8. In my limited experience those leaving pavement pizza's are the same people ditching their fag ends in the street not picking up the shit dropped by their humongous dog. and complaining that their benefit cheque is late again
  9. Good point slim, couldn't agree more. Barfed in the street outside my local once when I was 18. Went back into pub for bucket of water with domestos in it. Most people have no respect.

  10. Actually Stab, the subject was smoking not alcohol, but as you've brought that up I will agree with you. One of the big problems that is getting a lot of coverage is underage drinking. That in itself is not a problem, I used to have a few scoops down my local before I was legally entitled to as I'm sure many of you did. I never caused anybody any problems. The problem comes where gangs of feral youths go out and get wankered and cause problems for the rest of us.

    What is the solution coming from the government? Stop cheap alcohol sales. Didn't see that one coming. It penalises those that don't cause anyone any hassle, and gives more money to the chancellor in taxes.

    How about this for a radical idea? Prosecute those that sell alcohol to children and under age drinkers, hit them with massive fines and give them a life ban with regard to selling alcohol.

    As for those that aren't underage but go and cause problems by getting shitfaced and starting fights etc, the law is already in place to deal with that. There's just not enough coppers to cope, but that's a different subject altogether and one previously covered in other threads.

    Edited 'cos I spotted a typo.
  11. Five years smoke free, and I can smell a smoker from 10 yards upwind!

    However, I'm quite happy for smokers to keep up their nicotine habit outside, as I worry that Irn Broon, in his wisdom, will decide that he has to recoup the tax revenue lost by people stopping smoking by bumping up the booze tax.
  12. in 2006/7 the exchequer raises nearly 10 billion £s through Duty and VAT on tobacco products, then they will also get revenue from the sale of papers, filters, matches, Lighter Fuel, which will take this to over 10 billion £'s. then we can add the taxes paid by those who work in the tobacco industry who would lose jobs with a dramatic down turn in sales, the shops that would close meaning more lost revenue.

    In the same year 144 Billion £'s was raised by income tax.

    If it was not for the smokers of this country you would be looking at a minimum 7% increase in income tax.
  13. Not only have you got it bang on Jimmy but also if I was an employer I would place CCTV cameras outside my building, anyone away from there place of work to have a smoke break of placing litter, dog end in a public place would be sacked after one warning. Non smokers and staff who gave up smoking, like I did 15 years ago, will get a annual bonus. Smoking or allowing another to smoke in a company vehicle, one warning and out.
  14. Double the price and employ tens of thousands to Police the UK borders to prevent the importation of tobacco, immigrants, drugs, fire arms etc. That will cover the loss tax, Nat Ins. revenue.
  15. Nutty, do you really think that this government will spend a penny more than they can get away with on anything that would defend out borders, Christ they have cut the customs and excise to the bone already.

    I pay for the right to smoke through the duty on tobacco, I dispose of my rubbish in bins/ashtrays so why should I be penalised for others inconsideration. Legislation to fine people who litter is already in place, this should be used. The smoking ban went to far, Pubs/Clubs with separate rooms should have had an opportunity to make one a smoking room (with suitable extraction fans and filters and the bar in a separate room) and one a smoke free room.

    I do believe that the Palace of Westminster is still not a totally smoke free building.
  16. Edinburgh have "fag end" wardens.

    If they catch you throwing a "fag" on the ground, it's an instant £80 fine!

    I wonder how many get a good smacking.
  17. How long before someone claims for getting cancer from passive smoking whilst attempting to enter a pub through all the smokers gathered outside?

    They should have an area away from the entrance so that you dont have to fight your way through a cloud of smoke.
    It certainly makes me think twice before going in.
  18. Erm, methinks that it would be hard to make that claim, it would be like claiming to have caught cancer walking down the road when the traffic is busy, therefore inhaling traffic fumes.

    Although saying that I seem to remember an Aussie bus driver who had never smoked in his life but wound up dying of lung cancer from spending 30 years in heavy city traffic.

  19. Apparently the legislation does require the entrance to be clear of smokers, by a couple of metres as I recall.
  20. Hi You NUTTY...

    Keep out of this one you don't even live here :dwarf: :dwarf:

    You live in a place which sells the cheapest tobaco produces in europe..

    Keep this sort of stuff up and you may want to come back and impliment your rules.

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