Smoke and mirrors ?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by hobbit, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. No, its real, theres quite a few videos out about it.
    Costs a fecking bomb though (around £10000) per table.

    Oh, once you've seen that vid, watch this parody. Quite funny :)
  2. Good one indeed and the technology mind bending . Maybe at that price it would be possible to get your money back quickly in a business venture the trouble is it's probably out of date by now . Incredible though

  3. Kinell mind boggling , was on the news last week ,
  4. who do i have to DO.. to get one......... :twisted:
  5. Very intresting, I wonder how / if it could / work with a normal computer?

    Imagine playing a shooting game with that, most people move their mouses to the 'thereabouts' location of the enemy but you.. You could just point with your finger =D


  6. If your PC has the processing power of a small industrial nation then yes it would!
  7. Well it does have an AMD processor..
  8. Well its a start i suppose!LOL

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