Smells you remember all your life

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. As a young Bosuns mate I used to fuckin hate going down the Chefs mess to do shakes during the morning watch - it was mongingly rank, stale fat and grease, farts, fags and smelly whites scattered everywhere quickly forgotten an hour later when the waft of fried bacon wafted up from the galley exhaust.
    The smell of cordite during a 4.5" shoot in the turret,
    The stink down the messdecks in refit when the air conditioning was off.
    The smell of my ex wifes fanny but I won't go into that any further.
  2. Simple. Autopsy on diver med tech course in Derriford hospital. That is one fucked up smell and nothing like TV.
  3. Along Stan' duty EM going into the chinese chef's and stewards mess to fix defects, also Karachi..smelt long before seen.
  4. The trick is after shave in your face mask.
    I got thrown out the first I attended for emitting a technicolor yawn.
  5. Exhaust gases from aircraft engines.

    FFO, especially when transferring during scran!

    Smoke canisters during Work Up at Portland!
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  6. Napalm in the morning.
  7. Done that didn't want to return to that part of my life - the dreams are bad enough
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  8. That one time as a kid, in East Yorkshire, jumping off the cliffs on to the beach just as the tide had gone out and I landed feet first in the carcass of a dead pig from a piggery further up the coastline which had fell into the sea when the cliffs collapsed some weeks previously. This gopping pink thing was half buried in the sand and I sort of went straight through it in a sort of stinking slimy explosion of viscera into assorted guts, entrails and f*ck-knows what else. Covered from head to toe in dead pig bits, I remember the smell right this very minute. Horrendous don't come close. Ran into the North Sea and yelled my head off for a bit whilst trying to clean all the shit off. Yuuuurrggghhhhhh.
  9. Agree Stan, somethings just need forgetting!
  10. Yummy I love Pork.
  11. Billy you are Jenny Dabbers Bro and I claim my Five pounds
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  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The smell of a wet Jersey Wool Heavy.
  13. Flash back.

    The taste, does that count? Of the water in Vernon's dunk tank! It stayed in your mouth for weeks. Even pussers dust, sorry coffee, couldn't rid the foul stench/taste!!!

    Rubber dry bags, very distinctive, a mix of stale rubber and urine!

    Sulphurous funnel fumes.
  14. I think the daily globe in Metropolis offered the reward, for superheroes being identified so I want it.
    I tried to teach my first wife to jump off a cliff, she failed.
    And I'm not an onion neither.
  15. Diesel wafting over the trots at Dolphin whilst on casing duty at stupid o'clock in the morning.

    The smell of quim from the night before whilst having 69 ers for breakfast.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Concur. Funny how you forget how poignant smells really are.

    Even as a Fostie, the smell of an N5/N6 smoke grenade was rank. Cordite never bothered nor Aircraft exhaust. Wet jersey, wool, heavy - basic training flashbacks.

    Oddly, for a stoker, the smell of dieso always stuck in my throat after the Falklands. (The ship had been hit, fuel tanks burst, people drowned etc.) We waded around in the stuff for days and I swear it permeates your skin eventually, then leaches-out over several days. Even thirty years later it still gives me unpleasant memories.
  17. I thought all you lot in Tamworth were Muslim?
  18. Especially up yer arse:toothy10:
  19. Quite right,...... stop spying you pervert.

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