Discussion in 'Submariners' started by werqpr, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Is it true that Submariners smell? and if so why?
  2. We smell all sorts of things. We use a thing called a nose and a sense of smell. Most humans have this ability, I assume you do not fall into this category :roll:
  3. Its from when the boats were diesel, you'd smell too
  4. If you watched Das Boot the answer would be obvious. German submariners smell because they pick their noses, fart, have long sausages hanging up on the messdeck, only seaspray to wash in and a solitary head between umteen sweaty matelots. The RN is similar, neggers pork stalactites. So Wrecky tells me! :biggrin: ;)
  5. I thought you were partial to a pork stalactite. :wink:
  6. A transcript from "On a Sailors Grave" by Mike Kemble.
    "Within days of leaving port,the appearance of the crew changed, marked with a life without sunlight.Faces were pasty and white and bearded,eyes black rimmed. Clothing soon became thick with diesel and brine.Water was for drinking only, and whilst it was possible to wash with sea-water soap, no such effort was made.Two toilets were on board but one was filled with food with more than 40 men sharing the other.The smell of diesel was prominent, as was the smell of food and men; put all this into a pot and stir and you had the unique U-Boat smell.Some men used cologne to mask the smell, but most just took it for granted."

    The book is a good read, giving true accounts of maritime disasters of the war. Available from for 15 Pounds.
  7. No, I'm into pork staligmite from seasoned, well hung sources. :lol:

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