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Smart cards


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Recent proposals in Oz suggest a " Smart Card " be created. It has been dubbed an ID card by stealth. The usual cries about privacy and civil rights have emerged and they may have a point. Just think how we are now surveyed by and recorded on camera wherever we go, almost. Our cash transactions are monitored through credit cards and EFTPOS so we can be tracked whatever we do. With the data we provide info that allows even further control. This is 1984 stuff for sure and it's not just the system using info for our benefit it is sold to big business so they can bleed more out of us. Enough to make you root yer cobber's shiela innit,

Like most of us I never thought carrying id was a problem. In fact it was always nice to present a navy id as proof instead of the civvy way of providing 3 types of id when opening bank accounts etc.
Unless you are doing something you shouldn't be doing, I don't understand why people are so bothered.
With a source of ID I agree. I too have had ID all my life from pusser to various positions of security such as at airports or dealing with confidential information. ( plus a PP) but I am referring to a card with far more detail and one that can be used to record every movement or transaction. This is like tagging a bird so that at any given time they ( we ) can be pinpointed. The record of movement can be used for beneficial purposes from a demographic point of view but it is when this info is sold for commercial purposes that I get p*ss*d orf. I have nothing to hide but I hate being watched as if in a fish bowl or treated as a commercial item. Just a thought.
Even the effing banks if asking for a bank cheque in the Ks the tellers have been instructed to find out the purpose of the cheque.

I don't see the problem with having to carry ID. There are numerous ways in which it makes life easier, however.... why does it need to have all this additional stuff tagged on. Surely ID is about being able to prove who you are. A face and some basic details should be enough to achieve this - particularly if the card is the sort which can only be produced by a specific Gov agency and cannot be forged (embedded holographs, etc).

Having additional information such as prints, retina scans, personal information and the ability to track us wherever we go smacks of some serious big brother.

The problem with these things is that someone decides it is a good idea and then passes it off to some organisation / committee to decide what it should contain. The temptation to include every possible bit of modern technology is obviously too great and the result is usually far more than is realistically necessary.

Take the new Passport for example. I’ve heard that the cost here is about to go up to £90 for a 10-year issue; an ePassport which will use biometric information and an application process which includes interviews, retina scans, etc. Barking! Why aren't we entitled to a free issue since we pay taxes, were born here, etc? Notwithstanding that I get a free one from Pusser, it still makes my blood boil. :evil:

As for the whole selling of information for commercial purposes – how the hell can this be legal?
ID Cards - whoever is trying to organise these cards is probably trying to cover all future eventualities rather than have them all scrapped in a few years when the technology - and possible ways round it for fraud - is proven to be U/S.

Passports - the UK passport offices - currently only 5 in England - will eventually be replaced by more and more regional offices where the applicant has to actually visit the place and prove who he/she is - makes sense to me, though some people will complain about the costs of travel.

Last night, in Yeovil, quite near me, the night clubs and pubs went over to an ID system with fingerprints in an effort to ensure only the right people get in. The clubs/pubs are all linked by puter and if a known troublemaker tries to get in one place then all the other places are warned to be on the lookout. I don't think it's 'hard-wired' into the police, but the police can go to a pub to see who's there, and just as importantly, who's not. Big Brother? Yes, sure. But have you been out on a Friday/Saturday night in a large town lately? Any technology that can help is OK with me.
Yes, sure. But have you been out on a Friday/Saturday night in a large town lately? Any technology that can help is OK with me.[/quote]

I could not agree more when the technology is used for law enforcement and legitimate community purposes but these bastards sell us out to BB. Like most pussers or ex-pussers I have nothing to hide and value my good reputation so I have a PP plus all the other fcuking cards and these tell what I bought, where and when I bought it. To cut it short governments sell info although the sales thing is private industry.
Take telemarketing for example. In Oz we get hassled all the time usually with some cnut who is impossible to understand. Even the ones you can understand are a very good laxative. What does the government do here ( Oz) create a register and I have to enrol to prevent these parasitic bsatards ringing me when they want. So the telemarketers are banned but not charities or religious groups.
I pay for the 'phone for my private use not for some pirck to ring me while I'm having a meal. The cheeky bsatards ( telemarketers) then threaten the return of door to door salesmen if banned or restricted. They also point out how many will lose their jobs if banned from using the 'phone to sell.No m8 I dont mind rules but being treated like bleedin' sheep gets my goat,

The proposed ID cards in OZ are now only being used for medical records (or so we are told) Could be the thin end of the wedge
sidon55 said:
The proposed ID cards in OZ are now only being used for medical records (or so we are told) Could be the thin end of the wedge

Yes that's right I believe. Avoid the name ID card and call it Smart Card. An ID card by stealth. Got the idea from the septics I reckon where there's FA privacy.Got nothing to hide but they still want to track every move so the control measures can be adjusted. Demographic manipulation for government and business.

One of the most annoying aspects is the sheer scale of the cost of setting all this up. "We the taxpayers have the right to foot the bill for all these barking ideas and to be ignored by the officials responsible because we didn't elect them in the first place". You also know that it will go over-budget by about 50% before they get to the delivery point. :evil:

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