Small problem regarding Raleigh, March 14th.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by LadyInBrown, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Hello all, I am joining Raleigh as an AET on march 14th. But there is a slight problem....

    I have a fetish for guys called Tim, whenever I see a Tim I dribble a bit in my pants. I noticed there is a guy called Tim joining up on the same date as me, and I'm afraid I might cream every time I clap my eyes on his sweet ass and get into trouble.

    I know, I just KNOW that when I get there he will be hot and I'm going to want to drop my trousers, rip off my knickers and flick my bean like mad til lights out. This may sound like fun but if I'm plucking my strings all night over Timothy then I won't get my kit done.

    Any recommendations?

    Yours, Barbara
  2. Trust me, I'm fcuking ugly.
  3. I trust you I trust you.

    Ugly cnut. :roll: :roll: :wink:

    Edited to say I trust that brown clad, sorry lady in brownstuff as well. :roll:

    I preferred the helmet.
  4. LadyInBrown, I am afraid that Timeh is already claimed, a certain WAFU Senior Rate has claimed him for his Biatch and gerneral tea wetter
  5. I'm called LadyInBrown because I'm African.

    And FUCK IT, Tim, I don't care if you're ugly. I'm going to make love to you whether you like it or not!

    You're gonna stick your love stick in my minge until it's ruined! Like 2 strands of danish bacon flapping in the wind! We're gonna be so messy it will be like pulling a slug out of a slot machine!

    Can't wait big boy!

    Love, Barbara. (Babs to you Timmy baby xxxx)
  6. I'm black myself, and already I think with you coming on here its turning into a ghetto.
    As a Zulu I tell you to behave on dis site or I will vacate the Kraal and kick your kaffir Cnut.
    As you drift through this site mind the umdonga you are spinning and if you get on in life move to Cumbria or even sowf and see the new invention at the factory, the fire stick they using on us.
    Anymore RR members turning colour today????? its like fcukin Black Wednesday. :twisted: :twisted: 8O :D

    Edited to say look out gash barge here we come. :twisted: :wink:
  7. WA GWARN, me fellow blacky!

    I've been slap bang on the Um Bongo all day! Dreaming of Tim doing me in the shitter in his sailor outfit whilst singing the Bear Necessites!

  8. Gdanga Jumbala,
    I is hopeing this is not an attempt to whitemail me as I have no family just the tribe.
    And be careful at that Raleigh place not to give the older geezers white looks they not like. 8O :D :wink:
  9. Can I wear my Burkha at Raleigh? I know some people have a problem with us Muslim women wearing them.

    But I can't see the problem with a woman in a Burkha.... When I've got mine on swanning about Raleigh, I'll be like a Sexual Scratchcard.

    By the way Tim, I've got some Curry body paint for you to lick off my rusty sherriffs badge when we get to Raleigh! Where are you getting the train from? We could get started in the train toilets ;)
  10. Never thought I'd be so pleased to hear that.

    I think this is infact the rig of the day for our kind of people. :roll: 8O :twisted:

    If you look like this mind tim get here, my black puddin tastes great.
  12. If you scorn my country's women then I declare jihad on you :evil: :evil:

    After some strong persuasion via personal message, Tim gave me his MSN Messenger add.

    I've been speaking to him non stop for at least 2 hours now and we are hitting it off! Tim's hitting it off literally on cam.

    Here's a snippit from our raunchy chat, enjoy boys ;]

    Tim says:
    So, you're black?

    Barbara says:
    Yes Tim, I'm black and wet for you.

    Tim says:
    I'm stroking my 8 pack for you now baby. My dick is out, it's only small but watch what I can do!

    Barbara says:
    PRAISE THE MOTHER FUCKING LAWD! Is that a blow up doll?

    Tim says:
    Yeah, you like this?

    Barbara says:
    Oh yeah, turn it around so I can see the dolls face.

    Tim says:

    Barbara says:
    WTF, the doll has a mustache....

    Tim says:
    OH SHI-

    Tim is offline.
  14. 8 pack? The only way I'd have an 8 pack is if the co-op had a sale.
  15. Tena lady pads, female urinary control exercises or a visit to a Mexican Gynacologist for a complete twunge overhaul are your options.
    Another option maybe a good battering with a ballpeen hammer this won't cure your dribbles but it will cure your appaling taste in 'men'.
  16. I like this!
  17. :roll: Listen: ‘If we are unfaithful, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself’ (2 Timothy 2:13 NLT). :lol: :lol:
  18. So you should; it is YOU winding poor Tim up.

  19. Isn't it amazing how google pops up the appropriate advert

    Bladder Problems
    Female Bladder Weakness Products Get Your Free Sample Pack To Test!

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