Small hernia/miner opp

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Wazza082, Feb 23, 2016.

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  1. I'm about to re apply to the navy after I decided to PVR at phase 2 in 2010. I spoke to the AFCO and told the PO that I'm about to have a small hernia operation and my doctor told me Ill recover within 2/3 week and would be able to get back to the gym and doing extreme sports 4/5 week later. He said this shouldn't be an issue and advise me to start the application and bring my discharge papers.

    I'm abit worried about this as I know a few people have gone through the processes to find out that when they get to the medical the doctor refuses entry because of other issues that wouldn't even seem like an issue.

    I saw on Navy School documentary first episode that the 32 year old guy had a heart opp and was allowed to rejoin a year later. So it make me think a small hernia wouldn't be an issue.

    Any advise would be great or your experiences with a similar issue.
  2. i would be amazed if a routine hernia op would stop you joining back up if fit and well
  3. I had MAJOR hernia op including collapsed lung in June last year was in intensive care 6 weeks HOWEVER it healed and in December started training, now i can do the runs no problem and work out at the gym. I thought this may be a problem as the RAF for example you cannot join if you had a hernia op, but the navy says no problem. Get all your medical stuff together to show you are fitter including a letter from the doc and get training early to show you can do it and it should be fine.
  4. Make sure you wear a hard hat.
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  6. Yes I will definitely be getting letters from my doctor to say I'm fully recovered and back to full fitness.

    I'm 33 now and need to get back on the fitness train big time. As going back to Raleigh will be straight forward apart from the PT maybe more of a challenge for me this time around as I'm older, so may stand out more. First time I found Raleigh easy but the PT was the hardest part of it. Kept my head down and got stuck in as much as poss.

    I'm going for supply chain or aircraft handler. Not made my mine up just yet but was told supply chain waiting time is approx 6 months and up to 2 years for aircraft handler as it very popular at the mo coz of the new aircraft carries.
  7. Cool buddy I am 35 so tell me about it am shitting myself I will be at the back of everyone else ! I tried ratings but AFCO wont let me !!
  8. The AFCO wont let you join up you mean?

    The only experiences I have is of phase 1 & 2 of training from 2010. Advise I can say about Raleigh is to get as fit as you can before you go coz the PT can can be tough. Keeping on top of your kit at all times and get stuck in with tasks as much as poss. Keep your mouth shut, get on with it and keep out of trouble.

    Dartmoor, pier cellars, brecon, fire school, havoc, RAS, and divisions are all pretty much straight forward and enjoyable.

    The final week was definetly the hardest week and the days were called unofficially lol as manic Monday, traumatic Tuesday, wacky Wednesday, forget Thursday and Fcuk off Friday. A lot of paper work, rehursing the final presentation with singing in front of families, emergency helicopter crash response with casualties and fire that could happen at anytime on the Tuesday, dummy on a stretcher running it around camp then straight into the assault and obstical course and running the dummy back again, final kit inspection you have to pass, solo presentation on any subject of the navy shown to the class & officers and a lot of rehursing the passing out parade indoors and outside.

    Not sure how different it is now but thats what I remember from my time their. Phase 2 is learning your trade and is like going to college basically with some PT thrown in.

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