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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by werqpr, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. i went for an ECG today and i've just this second got off of the pnone to the nurse, she said it appears all is fine EXECPT i seem to have a low pulse rate????? can anybody shed some light on this??
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm guessing here and stress that I have little medical knowledge, but, I would say that your pulse is lower than average. :dwarf:
  3. How Low??
  4. she didnt say how low, but i've just taken my resting pulse and it's 54,
  5. Normal human pulse should be about 70. however in athletic people it can be lower, so if your are exercising regularly this may be normal.

    If, on the other hand, you are a lazy toad,, then this heart rate would be lower than normal and worth doing some investigations into, especially if you feel light headed or have any other symptoms. It is also possible, but more unlikely, that you can have a low heart rate without any issues.

    As a rule - younger people have faster heart rates than older people.

    Bottom line, if you are athletic then it is okay, otherwise you should consult a doctor.
  6. Have you tried asking the nurse who told you.
  7. 54 is fine. If your not displaying symptoms like light headedness or dizzyness then it might just be that your an athletic fellow. I take it the ECG was okay??

    If in doubt PM angrydoc as i've been out of the field of medicine for quite a few months.
  8. thanks, she said the ECG was fine, i have been doing alot of running lately especilly the last 2 weeks i've been runng about 4 miles every day, although before i was trying to join i wasnt doing much at all, so to claim to be an athletic fellow would be daft! but as i said before i've really uped the running so maybe i shouldnt worry to much
  9. As long as the ECG didnt show any Arrythmias or anything then it should be ok. As i said i don't have my medic head on just at the moment as i'm on the receiving end!!
  10. Could you expand on this ?, not saying you are wrong just want to check I am within limits. :thumright:
  11. Stirling. Its between 60-100 as a rule of thumb
  12. Cheers XRD :thumright:
  13. My resting pulse now is 54. I am 58 and cycle 12 miles every working day (to work and back). I would say there's nothing wrong with yours. Which raises the question, why did she ring you up to tell you that?
  14. I still remember mine being 69 after the step test. The Doc' asked what I did to keep fit. Cycling racing said I. Ah! that will be why your heart rate is so low then he said.
    No problem.
  15. No worries :thumright:
  16. My sister in law who lost her fight to cancer last February[gone but never forgotten God bless her] had a similar pulse rate she was an athlete and so incredibly fit. I was informed on a spinal injury course at Chester Hospital a few years back the average pulse rate was raised due to the fact the majority of the population are now obese.

    With a pulse rate so low you will probably live to see the moon colonised.
  17. thanks for all the replys, i'm off to see the dr in the morning, so i'll know more then. i dont often deal with my Dr's (thank god) but i dont think telling people their test results over the phone is good practice!
    i'm pretty sure the nurse said its all fine but i want to speak face to face when talking about my health, ordeing a pizza over the blower is one thing but discussing a ECG results is quite another. fingers crossed its all hunky-dory!
  18. Best tack would be to say you work out on CV a lot. That should help.
    Good luck.
  19. See if they have any spare capital letters while you're there.

  20. I've just returned from the Dr's and the ECG result say's i have an "First-degree AV block" and " Normal morphology" heart rate is 55pmb.

    I'm not sure if this is a bar to entry? i have got to go and see a carioligist(no spell check) my Dr said it could be somthing or it could be nothing, I'm just gonna have to wait till i see the specilest.

    Does anybody know what it might mean?????

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