I'm posting in here cos it looks very busy compared to some of the other forums!!

In the space of just over a week I have befriended a bear on Facebook, which is just grand as Slingsby is a rather charming bear! :)

I then very quickly got charmed into hosting one of his team and taking him out to see the sights of London, which again, is just grand cos he's a charming bear and I love this dirty old town! :)

I am now in the process of being charmed (but not quite charmed yet) into sorting out/hosting a fund-raising evening for the Slingsby cause, which in turn obviously means more cash for Holidays4Heros! :D

I have been assured that I can have a venue, on the river (which should make you lot feel quite at home!), central, easy to get to, cheap bar, yadda yadda yadda, which instantly makes life easier!

BUT..... Before I get charmed into agreeing to this, I'd like to get an idea of numbers as to who would be interested in coming along and helping to raise some cash and raising Sgt Slingsby profile!!

As I say, at the minute I'm just trying to get a feel for if this would be a success and worth me putting essays and reading lists on a back burner in order to organise such a thing!

So, sometime in August, in London, get merry and a chance to sling some money Slingsby's way........... Whaddaya say??? :D :D :D
Rachey, as one of the PR workers for Sgt Slingsby and affiliated non-profit organisations, feel free to PM me for info or assistance.

MODS, If you'd like to add this info to my earlier thread I'd appreciate it.

Edited to add this is a cracking idea and you can count on my attendance and help.

All the best.


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