Slim the racist is Back

scouse said:
type42stoker said:
slim said:
type42stoker said:
scouse said:
Jimmy_Green said:
Rumrat said:
scouse said:
I have known Slim for a long long time :wink: :wink: Fat get YES Racist NO, get of his case PC brigade end of !!! :wink:

You sizeist bugger :oops: :oops: :D :D

You homophobic bastard. :lol:
:roll: :roll: Need to get a second opinion Re your last JG, :lol: :lol: where is?? Thingy, Sussex 2 and 42 when you need help!!!!! :) :)

I'll leap to your defence then Scouse, IMHO you may like to take the p1ss out of us poofters, but I don't believe for one minute there's an ounce of malice there, therefore I would say you are not a homophobe.....
Now I wonder if I'm considered a heterophobe by some...... :lol:
BTW Slim, I liked the joke and I don't think it's racist. :wink:

Type 42
I think as long as we can all take the piss out of each other without any malice intended whether we be straight, gay,black,white,fat,thin or merely retarded the world will be OK :p

Wise words as ever Slim!
:oops: Im a we bit worried about you 42!!! being my knight in Leather armour!!! no doubt your two squires Sussex 2 and Thingy will " come" riding their steeds to my defence as well :lol: :lol: :sex: :sex:

'course I'll come riding to your aid, but make sure my steed has got a double set of locking horseshoe nails in :wink: