Slight medical worry


My medicals next tuesday.

And i just thought I'd ask about a little issue that ive had for awhile.

Its basically a small lump under my left nipple, its been there awhile, comes and goes, and its back.

Its quite sore to poke and prod, but nothing else really.

Isnt a big deal(i hope), I did some research online, apprently my body is producing so much testostrone due to a growth spurt, my body needs to counteract it with a female hormone or something, and this is a side effect.

(Yeah dont laugh :p)

Whether thats true or not who knows.. any other ideas what it could be, and ifits serious?

Are you sure you're not Scaramanga (See 'The Man With The Golden Gun, Ian Fleming)? If you are you'll breeze through your APWT (Annual Personal Weapons Test, yeah another acronym for you), as he was a crack shot hit man.
If it's bothering you go see a Doc, not only will you get a proper diagnosis but you should be able to stop worrying about it. One less thing to stress about could make all the difference.
I think that your best bet would be to make an appointment with your GP because a proper diagnosis will need a physical examination.

Can you get in to see your GP?


Why go and see a GP? At the end of the day the only training they have had is 6 years at medical school followed by up to 5 years of postgraduate hospital jobs before they become GPs, then annual reams of form filling proving they're not acutally killing patients courtesy of the Department of Health / General Medical Council. All you need is Google, right?


If my car breaks down, I go to a dealership and get them to fix it. I don't look it up on the web. I would have thought the same should apply to your body. I believe this is called "personal responsibility", aka "common sense".

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