I like many partakers of the hard stuff I have on occasion fallen asleep in many varied and "different" places.
The first that springs to mind but by no means the only one that is different was thus.

Bangkok 1969, and ashore pissed I was parted from the herd.
I met a chap who was in similar circumstance and we teamed up for the duration.
having drunk copious amounts we decided sleep was needed so headed off for the local fleapit which just happened to be in the local sea-mans club.
Having partaken of three or four hours sleep and being awakened by a rather irate little fucker who kept shouting "you go show over" we ambled to the nearest bar and began to top up our dangerously low alcohol levels.
Eventually around 2ish in the morning we headed off back towards the ships, his being Grenville, mine Aurora.
We never made it.
At about 6am I awoke feeling "damp" so rolling over and thinking oh fuck have I pissed myself, I suddenly started to experience a floating sensation and then a sort of "G" force.
Eyes by now wide I realised I was in free flight from the fuckin roof I had fell asleep on.
Like a cat I spread all four limbs and steadied for the approaching impact which came quicker than I had thought possible.
I awaited the pain. It did not transpire so I attempted to stand.
There was a sound like a mouth on a joy stick and my arm stuck fast.
I moved my leg....slurp and stuck. I attempted extraction to the tenth decimal point but alas the mud was sucking harder than a sembawang whore on overtime.
Extraction was eventually accomplished by four of my oppos who taking a corner each lifted me up together and carried me from the scale model of Ypres.
After hosing me down and discovering I was smartly dressed as an American laundry assistant third class they abandoned me and took themselves inboard so as to beat the adrift tag that was just about to land.
All of this unfolding to the rapturouse laughter of the bastard I had binged with and was still lying on the roof cheesed down.
My wife's uncle, able seaman / fuckin OD John.

And your adventure was?.............................................


War Hero
And your adventure was?.............................................
Do not think I will try to match that
Our DTS in Guzz, pre all day opening, we also sort refuge in flea pit, oppo not feeling well took to resting his eyes.
It was a double bill of Clint E, oppo fell asleep in film one and awoke in film two.
we left and headed for fleetclub 4 'O'clockers club he spent the rest of the night trying to work out what had happened in the film, we forgot to tell him there was 2 films

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