Sleeping with Mishipmen's Girlfriends

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Long_Reach, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Is it right that on my leave weekends from the leadership and management course based in Camberley that as a member of the middle service i should be sh*gging a Midshipman's girlfriend. I think its nice that OCdt's should at some time get one over on their bretheren at Dartmouth.
    Should I be trying to spread myself further just to teach the senior service a thing or two about what we boys in green can do?


  2. Personaly I'd rip your Fxxxxxxxxxg head off mate , not that I'm a Midshipman mind , :twisted: :evil:
  3. Spread a little friend? Nah mate your ok!

    Middies ain't all that, some spout up 19yr old. Any how, on the Campbeltown there were to OC's, shacked up onboard and were caught, shipped off an RTB'd back to sunny dartmouth!
  4. What a good bite. Could this be Mr Prescott or a wannabe Prescott lookalike. Or a silly little schoolboy with feck all to do. Go play with your conkers boy!!

    Personally my own view is if you canna get a woman of your own never take another's and if you do = never ever walk in the shadows or down lonely country lanes. For what you sow you shall most certainly reap.
  5. Exquisitely put Backpacker :lol:
  6. Middies have girlfriends????
  7. OK, your shagging another blokes bird, not nice, but understandable. We've all been there, it takes 2 to tango etc.

    Bragging about it in an anonymous fora where he's likely to read about it=cuntish
  8. I know what I would do to you, and I hope he does 50% of that, should be punishment enough. However in reality, she is the slag I suppose, hope she gives you a dose.
    Does the word honour mean anything to you?
  9. My money is on Chlamydia !!
  10. Not cnutish Clanks, he's just a Cnut!
  11. Yeah - right! Pull the other one mate!

    From your immature post you don't sound old enough to be doing a cycling proficiency course never mind leadership and management! :roll:

    Run along now you silly little boy and stop annoying the grown-ups!!!
  12. Im sure they only shagged you out of sympathy.....I just hope you dont get any of them up the duff....Is being a moron genetic!!! either way society could do without people like you multiplying..!!

  13. Firstly,shagging a fellow "officers" lady friend is Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer.In short,its not Cricket!
    Secondly,you make a good case for Eugenics.And as for what you "boys in green can do",try painting a few rocks white for a change,or if thats too complicated,play with yourself. :lol:
  14. Blimey, how the hell did you guess the girls name so easily.

    As for you Mr Longreach. I guess your username says it all...

    You need a longreach to be able to find your brain and of course if you were actually conducting the dirty deed - your balls when he finds out.
  15. Firstly, shagging a fellow "officers" lady friend is Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer

    Surely Andy its unbecoming of a Naval Officer. I dont think the Army or Air Force ,Officer or otherwise have any Fcuking morals at all, tho i stand to be corrected.
  16. You are so correct hig,i forgot the difference between the Class of Officer.I suppose we ought to be thankful that Army officers no longer are able to Purchase their Commisions.LOL
  17. Gents, this is obviously an attempt by our cousins in green to get us wound up, don't give them the satisfaction of rising to it. He's talking bolllox!
  18. Not talking bollox, but I'm glad to see that the members of rum ration are almost as cynical and scathing as those on Arrse. If its any consolation he's not in the real bit of the navy.
  19. Well said Lingyai , I hope its Syph!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  20. Cynical and scathing, or just talking honestly? I know where I'd put my money. Talking of which, how much did it cost you?

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