Sleeping on watch

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by 5dits, Oct 25, 2008.

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    Golden rule don't get caught!
  2. 'thinking with his eyes closed', love it!
  3. PMSL what a line to use!!
  4. Thought of another old time classic :w00t: :thumright: " You asleep lad" no Master" im just examining the inside of my eyelids" :thumright:
  5. "Thinking with his eyes shut".......................he doesnt look capable of thinking!!!!!
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    "Whoso shall sleep upon his watch .. shall suffer death .. or such other punishment .. " if I remember correctly. Deathoncapsrighturnquickmarchwaitoutside the regoffice!

    It does seem raher off to read of a judge talking about what may or may not be mission critical in a warship. Tribunal? What has happened to Courts Martial with all the panoply of naval discipline? Grunts, shakes salt off his shoulders and turns telly back on.
  7. Just once did i .we were round the funnel on a type 15 .Doing sea training from Ganges i. 1963 December in the middle of the bay it was harry taters i found myself been kicked by our instructor .He remove me and my oppo to sit in the sea-boat (whaler)for half an hour we were blue with cold .Needless to say i did not do it again
  8. This must be kept inhouse and not be in the public eye. As it always was.
  9. Funny time to start a watch. Don`t we keep watches any more? Dogs, Middle Forenoon etc?
  10. I agree funny time to go on watch.
  11. Its called the 'Long Morning' watch - 0200-0800. Something that most Communicators would know a lot about as we did and still do Long firsts (2000-0200) and Long Mornings all the time.

    Watch system as such; 4noon/Long First, Anoon/Long Morning, Dogs all night in and rotate in a 1 in 3 system. Been around for donkeys years as it goes - early 80's and even pre Falklands.
  12. Brigham, did you not realise we used to sleep down TP alley! killick of the watch had to get his 4 hours on it. That was the reason for so many ZDK's
  13. Aaaah - its all becoming more clear now and I often used to wonder why the long morning watch always looked so refreshed when I came into the MCO first thing in the morning. :)
  14. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Bridge lookout, sitting in his chair?? What happened to lookouts standing on the bridge wings? The fresh air kept you awake.
  15. I guess he wasnt popular and was written up
  16. Neggers. For once a reasonably factual account of what actually happened by the Daily Hate.
  18. I am surprised it was done after he had left the Navy and no wonder it came to light he posed for the Papers he got money out of it. It seemed he tried to make the Navy out to be the bad guy. But if you ask me he looks a c**k now.
  19. So the navy should have somehow forced him to stay in the mob while the trial process took place. That would'nt have worked would it?
    I suspect Jay went to the papers himself.

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