"Slashing RAF Jets 'Would Leave UK Open To 9/11 Attack'"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. Come on soleil, everyone knows that it would take 160 Eurofighters to take down one 747, couldn't possibly do it with fewer.
  2. :lol:

    Good one .......

  3. This statement implies that the United Kingdom would be able to respond to a 9/11-style terrorist attack prior to any SDSR changes. The American's failed to prevent the attack, how would the UK have done it differently - and how do RAF Air Defence fighters fit into the plan?

    I recognise the need to maintain air superiority over the United Kingdom, but I rather think the Director-General of the Military Aviation Authority is using a bit too much journalistic licence here. The Al-Qa'eda attack on the World Trade Centre was sucessful because the threat wasn't recognised until too late for the Quick Reaction Forces to act; and should a terrorist organisation sucessfully be able to deploy a bomber team on a UK-bound airliner then I would predict a similar outcome.
  4. Thats if you could get the crabs to scramble in time, having finished their tea and biscuits, taken crowbar to the doors of the hangar to remove the MoD padlock and brushed the dust off the aircraft.
  5. What would you know about it? You're more of a civvy than even the Crabs!
  6. Your right, I'm merely a civvie and worse an ex STAB. Entitled to comment however regardless. Didnt realise I hadnt put enough emphasis on the fact I was joking. Oh well, not as though I really care.

    Got a cousin who is a crab and the comment largely mirrors the one he came out with when I showed him Sols article
  7. Of course you are entitled to comment, and I wouldn't wish to stop you doing so. When all's said and done, however, the facts are as I stated.
  8. I think the most interesting bit was that the "chief of all crabs" sloped it to some other crab. Maybe they've given up.
  9. Bloody hell! AM to Mr in 6 paragraphs. He must have really p**sed somebody off.

    We must learn to realise that anything that isn't optimised to countering a raghead with an AK or a bang belt is "cold war".
  10. Does this mean golf will be cut back?
  11. ARGGGGHH!!!!! Flashes me right fcuking up :evil:
  12. For those who don't know what are the differences? I apologise if they are obvious
  13. The main, obvious difference is the shape of the nose cone. The F/A2 variant had a large, bulbous cone to accomodate the radar (not sure but I think it was Sea Vixen). The Gr7 variant has a more slopy and protruding nose that houses the FLIR equipment.

    I think the F/A2 had hard-points for AMRAAM for aerial combat, where the Gr7 only has sidewinders - although I'm not as sure on that.
  14. Correct (ish)

    GR9 has FLIR and DMT in the nose
    Various bomb/Missile loads but no AMRAAM Capability.
    No Aden Cannons :(

    FA2 had "Blue (I'm the F**king Daddy) Vixen Radar"
    & AMRAAM :D
  15. Similar but actually fcuk all like each other. A bit like comparing a Leander and a Type 12 (for you old and bolds out there)

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