short intro, I'm a pongo (taking cover!)

I need from you sea dog types some good old fashioned Navy slang I can throw at my new boss, he is the king of slang (or so he thinks) but only does booty slang, of which I know non?

standing by.


Mods if this is a repost then sorry!
If you don't mind spending a few quid, buy (from Amazon) a book called "Jackspeak" by Surgeon Captain Rick Jolly. A portion of the profits goes to Navy charities and the book also has some great cartoons by Tugg.
Just resurrected by @Starbuck's 'Like': Coincidentally, only this afternoon, I was thumbing through Rick's old Jackspeak MK 1* - Among the various definitions for 'dicky' is 'second dicky', derived from 'second i/c'.

Although I knew and used the term often enough in Boats the cute derivation had passed me by until today!

Every day a school day - BZ & RIP RJ RN/RM/PARA OBE

*First Edition, published '89, since revised, updated, reviewed -

IMHO a must for newbies (Bunhouse or Swamp) and still a nostalgic trip along memory lane for all when-eye-wazzers...
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