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  1. Imnew to this whole Rum Ration,andthe navy thing,

    Can you help me with the slang......

    Cheers guys
  2. You'll need to be a little more specific - which bit in particular?

  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  4. I basic list od Submarine Slang either taken from Jack Speak or known to me.

    S/M Slang
    Most thanks to ‘Jackspeak’ By Rick Jolly

    Angles and Dangles: High speed alterations of depth using large angles of trim

    Back Afty: ERA who works in rear compartments, nuclear or diesel
    Bandstand Waist high rail on Nuclear Boats to allow the Officer of the
    Watch to keep his balance
    Bird Bath Canvas bath rigged under ‘Elephants Trunk’ to catch
    incoming seawater in exceptionally rough weather
    Black Lighting Minimal red lighting in the Control Room while at periscope
    depth when surface light is low or night-time
    Black Watch Ratings left inboard for official reasons while the boat goes
    to sea.
    Blockhouse HMS Dolphin; aka ‘Fort Blockhouse’
    Blow Any process of displacing water/waste from a tank with
    compressed air “Blow Q†empty the Q Tank of water
    Boat Any submarine
    Bomb shop Weapon storage compartment
    Bomber Polaris/Trident Submarine
    Bomber Queen Name for any member of a Polaris/Trident Boat used by diesel
    boat’s crews
    Bongles & Dongles Noise generating devices to allow boats to locate SBS Marines
    Bubble The bubble in a spirit level clinometer used by the planesman
    to keep the boat level. “Lose the bubble†to have lost control

    Clockwork Mouse Boat engaged on training surface ships in A/S warfare
    Coffin Dreams Nightmares on long dived patrols
    Conning Tower Boats bridge area (see Fin)
    Conventional Diesel/Electric boat
    Crash Dive Rapid or emergency dive
    Crumb Brusher Officers Steward

    Deeps Nickname for any submariner whose name is not known
    Diving Stations Boats crew take up these stations prior to diving or whilst
    ‘Crash diving’
    Dolphins Gilt uniform brooch of two dolphins awarded to qualified
    Dolphin Code Numbers group which matches a corresponding message
    Donk shop Engine room
    Downstairs Trot Sentry posted inside a boat when alongside

    Elephants Trunk Canvas shute rigged around conning tower ladder to collect
    In coming seawater in rough weather (see bird bath)

    Familygram Forty word message received weekly? by Polaris/Trident
    whilst on patrol
    Fast Cruise Shut the hatches and conduct emergency exercises whilst
    alongside the jetty
    Fin The structure which carries the bridge and covers the masts
    on streamlined boats.
    Fire, Flood & Famine Disaster control exercises during work-up period
    Fish Torpedo
    Flash Back The contents of the sewage chamber/tank blown back at
    the person trying to discharge the same outboard
    Flood ‘Q’ Flood the Q tank set in the bows to rapidly increase the
    speed of the dive. Used, especially, in emergencies. Adds
    fifty tons of water to the bows of the boat
    Fore-endy Sailors who works in the torpedo space forward. Torpedo
    & Anti Submarine (Weapons) ratings.

    Grey Targets Surface warships ( see Skimmers)
    Group Up To configurate a conventional boats electrical motors for high
    speed running when dived.

    Hoolie Bar Basement, NAAFI, drinking establishment, provided for crews
    off returning boats at Faslane Submarine Base to let off steam.
    Few rules, if any, applied in the bar
    Hot Bunking Sharing bunks when crew, trainees or other passengers in
    excess of the amount of bunks available are carried. When
    you come off watch you get into a warm bunk.

    Inside Wrecker Any chef


    Lid Conning tower hatch, upper lid and lower lid. When diving this
    should be heard reported. “Upper lid shut, two clips, two pinsâ€


    On the step Nuclear boat at speed on the surface, riding its own bow wave
    One All Round Order given to allow the Control Room staff to smoke one
    cigarette when dived. OR. The captain indicating a 360 degree
    periscope sweep during an attack
    One Man Band Combined steering and planes with automatic depth and
    course keeping facility, together with all the instruments, built
    into one unit
    Open up Open upper hatch (lid) after surfacing
    Outside Wrecker Engine Room Artificer responsible for mechanical items
    outside the pressure hull. Also the panel watch-keeper at
    Diving Stations

    Part Three Un-qualified submariner. Still to pass the seagoing part of
    submarine training. Compulsory for all ranks and rates.
    Peep Stick Periscope
    Perishers Submarine Captains Qualifying Course
    Pirate Rig Seagoing wear for conventional boat crews i.e. anything but
    naval issued uniform.


    Rocket Shop Missile compartment onboard Polaris/Trident boats
    Roof The sea’s surface

    Scratcher Seaman Petty Officer or Leading Hand in charge of the casing,
    mooring ropes, anchor and gear etc.
    Sherwood Forest Missile compartment onboard Polaris/Trident boats
    Silent Routine Reduce all noise to a minimum, retire to your bunk if you are
    not gainfully employed
    Skimmer Any person who serves in Surface ships or a surface vessel
    Sneaky Classified covert intelligence gathering patrol
    Snorting Running diesel engines when dived, drawing air down a
    snort induction mast

    Tank Submarine escape training tank at HMS Dolphin
    Target Any other vessel at sea
    Teacher Officer in Command Submarine Captains Qualifying Course
    Tower Access to conning tower/fin with upper and lower hatches
    The Trade The Submarine Service
    Trim State of buoyancy and angle of a boat. To be in neutral
    buoyancy and horizontal is the desired result i.e. ‘to catch
    a trim’
    Trot Boats moored together

    Upper Trot Casing and gangway sentry
    Upstairs The sea’s surface


    Nutty feel free to add any I have missed

    PS I once wrote these out for an American Submariner so he could follow the Barrow site.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I have put up on RRPedia a list of slang I wrote while VV bored in hospital in 1976. It relates to the period 1955-68 (when I gave my last wheel order)& therefore doesn't pick up on a whole raft of stuff that seems to have crept in since such as:

    Bomber Queen
    Bridge Chimp
    Going ashore 'in rig'
    Missile Mary
    XO (American, UGH!) for Jimmy

    and a lot of other submariner items - the Trade always seemed to be a private navy of its own; usually the only reminder of its existence was a green grenade.

    As anyone can scribble on wiki, PLEASE feel free to add more items or additional explanations - but PLEASE don't edit out the old ones!

    and SORRY about the spacing and also some odd 'boxes' that have crept in because wiki seems to interpret 'normal' punctuation and tabs in its own way.
  6. Cheers guys. You have all been really useful.
  7. ok another query .. but to do with etymology this time

    Pongo aka our lovely friends in the Army, the reason given by most people I have come across for the nick is that its based on "Where the army goes the pong goes".

    However after a bored afternoon at work (being a flood defence officer in a miraculously dry county) I tripped over this Wikipedia article: and was wandering whether the original pongo reference was meant more Napoleonic and that the Army was considered a bunch of red coated monkeys ?

    This ain't supposed to sound a waltish question, but the first explanation sounds a little too glib to me.
  8. I've now added Nutty's contribution to the RRpedia. It could do with some tidying up and more added if anyone feels like it ....

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