Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Joe_Crow, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Three questions.

    1. Single accommodation to be run like Travelodgeâ„¢ (other cheapo hotels are available). Is this someone thinking out loud, or is it being seriously considered?

    2. Is it true that a large establishment has completely lost sight of allocation of cabins?

    3. Is the 'good idea' in Q1 a result of the mismanagement in Q2?
  2. I live in slam and i have no idea what you are talking about.
    The SQMS runs the allocation of the cabins. A private company maintains them. They are like an 8 man flat. with 8 cabbins a tv room and a kitchen area all in one.
    The room itself has a 3/4 bed en suite and a seperate small store room.
  3. Thanx 4 your input. I too live in Slam, and am aware of how it works atm. As you have correctly identified you have no idea what I am talking about, you obviously cannot atfq.
  4. atfq?
  5. I think Danny's point, and I'd have to agree, is wtf are you on about?
    Q1, who has suggested that SLAM be run like a cheap hotel? Is this a SDR talking point (leaked or published where?). Having just stayed in 4 "cheapo hotels" in the last 2 weeks I have to tell you that I wish accom had been like that when I used it!
    Q2, well as there are dozens of large establishments (hundreds if you class Cdo, Bn, regt, etc type units as establishments) this Q is just asking us to guess at a fifty fifty answer without possibly knowing where you mean.
    Q3, is this supposed to mean that "someone" screwed up in Q2 and covered that up by stating that the screw up was the result of a good idea in Q1? If not, again, wtf are you on about?

    To misquoute you RTFQ before leaping into action :oops:

  6. Thank you i was to hung over yesterday (much like now) to even bother posting anymore.
  7. Right. Somebody high up the food chain in the very place that Danny is has suggested that those living in slam book out whenever they will be absent (not just when away for months when deployed, but even when just going weekend). You could not be guaranteed to get the same room when you return. This cannot have been fully thought through. It also seems they do not know who's got what cabin (and I'm sure there are people who have cabins that shouldn't). I can only guess that this has been highlighted by someone who has inherited a pile of shite.

    I was after informed comment, but it seems that you haven't heard anything about this.
  8. Simply is not going to happen the lads have far to much stuff in there rooms massive tvs, surround sound, fridges, field kit etc. As soon as anyone came to implement it they would realise it is the most stupid idea ever.
  9. I am well aware of all this, but that does not alter the fact that it is being talked about at high levels. Any of us could say "Simply is not going to happen", but that doesn't mean we would be right.
  10. No it dosent but common sense would say this idea is going to fall down straight away and is as likely to happen as many of the barking SDSR rumours. It would turn slam in to very expensive transit accom. And would take away all of the perks of having slam away an make it pointless. Im not looking for a argument, i would almost bet a months wages that it will not happen as you have describe. Also you have PM.
  11. Maybe they will do it somewhere like that joe im not sure. I do however know there is no chance of that happening here each sqn has its own block and it would kill the moral in the sqns you would never see anyone outside of there rooms.
  12. Do you mean "not make it past the drawing-board" or do you mean "turn into a complete ball of chalk when implemented"? I would hope, myself, that it dies a death sooner rather than later.

    Most of them aren't being spun by senior officers.

    I don't know about pointless; Pain in the arse, yes; Morale reducer, definitely.
  13. I just coudnt see it getting past the drawing board in the type of unit i am in. But i have stayed in slam at nelson and sadly somewhere like that i really could see it happening.
    I would say pointless. Also if it does happen watch how quickly the standard of the bloks drop. They woudnt be treated properly. They woudnt be able to march a few hundred blokes out every weekend an inspect the blocks for damage. I just think this idea will never happen IMHO.
  14. SLAM is another weight we have to drag around for the next 20-or-so years, courtesy of the Labour party (ie yet another PFI). It is expensive and, as anyone has stayed in it could attest, the build quality is terrible and the chances of it lasting beyond its contract are slim.

    In NELSON allocation is all done by Flagship, but in DRAKE I think the individual messes still run the plot.

    I have heard this idea (clear cabins when on leave etc) mooted before, but also pre-SLAM. It would be very unpopular, but so were/is PAYD and JPA and they steamed ahead regardless.
  15. Regarding the negative comments about SLAM etc. I live in SLAM in HMS Drake and a fine place it is - the block is about 4 years old and in excellent nick. Certainly no issues about build quality. The plot is run by the Mess but as with any establishment there are issues with who is in what cabin.

    The worry at the moment is when we move to Pay As You Dine - the contractor wants the bar and the associated function rooms which would bring an end to mess income. But this could be a completely new thread......

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