Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by ateohwun, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Does slam give the single person the same rights as the married, or is privacy during down time a matter of getting away from the base?, I am 42 and find daily threats of MAA or dis on the door of my wing each day, perchance, I wish to fart and savour it or forget to turn my light/tv/radio off without the fact that BB is watching, what was SLAM intended for, please reply, OH just been told to move because depco doesn't want to walk to far on ROUNDS!! 25 years and it comes to this, why didn't I leave the roger nigel instead of divorce?
  2. Bump to get an answer...
  3. Not really CA, moved to Bases/ Shore Est
  4. in my day slam was sub launched air missile as tried on submarine aeneas in the late 60.s but apart from that i know nothing :ufo:
  5. GL, I played with SLAM on the rolling platform at Fraser, early 60's I think.

    Semper Strenuissima
  6. These days it is Stand Off Land Attack Missile, an air launched version of Harpoon. They were going to call the updated version Improved Slam but thought ISLAM was perhaps inappropriate so went for SLAM Exrended Range SLAMER instead.
  7. OK I give in what is 'slam' that is used a Naval Base.
  8. Single Living Accomodation
  9. Just guessing but trawling google came up with 2 possibilities:

    Signaling Lymphocyte-Activation Molecule (just kidding) or

    Single Living Accommodation Modernisation.

    Am I close ?
  10. prefer the missile version much more fun naval version of blowpipe thought it would be good against helo.s trouble was range to short .and boat was nearly surfaced to fire it :rambo:
  11. Ok, so you've been in for 25 years and are still a Junior Rate (judging by the fact that your DEPCO is doing rounds of your accommodation). That's fine by the way, your choice (at least mostly) but you really can't be moaning about being in for 25 years and not being treated as an adult (privacy) at age 42 when you are (still) a JR and have to stand rounds!
    As someone that has been in for so long, you should know that privacy is what and where you make it, be that onboard or on a shore base.
    Is your double bed lumpy too? En-Suite a bit too far to stumble?

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