Discussion in 'International' started by cornishgolfer, May 2, 2008.

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  1. Hurrah, I managed to get top o the heap and be No 1 Slacker..

    Is this run by my old DO???

    Oh well, wheres my beer, back to the pool
  2. Cornishgolfer dearest...

    The secret to getting to that lofty position on a more regular basis is to suffer from insomnia! Try logging in between 0300-0500 daily. :roll:

    Former DO
  3. shit, youve found me
  4. Mate - the other bad news is that there isn't a prize for getting there either. In fact all you get is very, very tired!

    Enjoy your claim to fame while it lasts though.

  5. So have i. it's 0400, no it's not because i can't sleep it's because i'm on watch and have sod all better to do.
  6. just watching the PGA golf on telly..............Having booked very expensive flights back to Gatwick.............

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