Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by McCloggie, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Simple question.

    Why am I shown as a slacker? What have I not done?

    I have posted, answered my PMs but no, I am still a slacker!

    What does it it mean and how do I become a responsible member of the site again?

  2. It just shows those online mate :)
  3. To add to Lamri's post: McCloggie, It means you're on here being a slacker instead of working. Well done :)
  4. Work? Wassat? :thumright: :smile:
  5. Stuff us girlies do.. that men think we dont doooooooooooooooo
  6. You women are all alike!

    I put it to you, that
    Its the WASHING MACHINE that does the washing!
    Its also the OVEN that cooks the dinner!

  7. Whew! (mops brow of accumulated sweat and stress)

    Thought I was being pinged for NOT doing something!

    Its 0030 here in Singers so I will finish this session and sign off - when I have finished the wine of course!

    Thanks - I will sleep eaier tonight!

  8. WORK is a four lettered word, and therefore prohibited from this site. :threaten:
  9. ah yes......... BUT who collects if from the place where you men dump it.
    who sorts it into the differnt colour washes.. who places it in the machine, who turns on the machine,,, who empties the machine,, then places it on the line or in the tumble dryer... who then irons it and puts it away for you to wear another day......
    who goes to the shops to buy the food.. who desides on the nights meals then prepares it,,,,,,,,,, then lovingly places it in front of you while you, eat with only one hand whilst watching the telly... not even seeing or caring about the time taken to prepare your food......... hhhmmmmmmmmmmm

    PMSL................we all do are fair share... :twisted: :hello2: :tongue3:

  10. The little imps obviously.

  11. I do all that by myself you know!! (my cat is useless at all the above)...
  12. Besides I love cooking, but i get my mum to cook me something I can actually eat without being ill the next day.
  13. Looks like you'd make a perfect naval cook! ;) ...for the Russian Navy! :biggrin:
  14. Umm, all of that is me mainly.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For goodness sake, you need to put your foot down, man. Tsk.

    I did. And now I'm in the same position as Karma, although in a terraced kennel as opposed to a posh detached "officer-like" one.[​IMG]

    Digressing slightly...And going back on track, I wondered about this slackers thing for a few months & kept checking I'd replied to PM's, emptied my sent items box, etc until the penny finally dropped what it meant. (Just now)
  16. .......sorts it into the differnt colour washes....... THATS where I am going wrong!! :thumright:
  17. My mice are well trained. They do it all, down to the ironing. Seriously though (is it possible for me to be serious :confused: ?) what do you think the growing number of single men do... OK when my dad did National Service in the RAF they let him out at weekends and he used to take his washing home for mummy to wash & iron :roll: but when I joined the ROC aged 16 I insisted on washing and ironing my own kit and sewing on my own badges (few as they were) and later those nice multicoloured stripey things... :) I must say though that as I've got older I've gone to pot. I make a point of NOT ironing my t-shirts, NOT ironing my keks, NOT ironing my handkerchiefs and only reluctantly ironing my shirts and trousers. I've also stopped using letters after my name - nice when your younger but utterly pretentious as the years roll by and what you did in your 20s is now soooooo out of date! :oops: :biggrin: ...Also I've never done anything which takes real guts... a year in the G Spot.... :tongue:

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