Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by higthepig, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. Ive asked this before about skype, but cant find where i put it, Can RR not run a SKYPE directory like other boards that i use,answer from MOD if you please.
  2. Hig, I have used Skype for making cheap calls back to UK, but what is the Skype directory ? Ling
  3. Its just a directory of RR users,I use two other boards where members are listed if they wish.
  4. I'm using Skype to phone home at the moment and providing I can actually manage to find some bandwidth in this God, sorry, Allah forsaken place - it works pretty good. Very cheap to phone a normal land-line!

    Believe the RR directory would be good for helping out those with problems (new joiners, etc) but would hate to see it replace the written word. Would need to think up some cool username to replace the one (full name) I'm using at the moment.

  5. There arde rumours in the VOIP industry that Skype will be rendered useless in the US and China, US are considering banning it because they can't do a legal intercept to catch johnny islam and his friends. God Bless the Patrioty Act....UK may follow in Georges footsteps....not like we haven't before.
  6. I hope not i have friends in the US ex chockheads,that i talk to quite a lot, for the uninitiated skype is free between skype users.
  7. I spoke to my next of kin in UK today for half an hour to their landline for about 20 p. Good stuff. If George and Tony fcuk that up I might just join the taliban...
  8. So basically nothing at all to do with the major phone industries losing profits because something a little more customer friendly has come on the scene.

  9. Anything to do with the loss to the Treasury of tax revinue? Go and wash your mouth out with Teepol this minute! 8O :twisted:
  10. No nothing at all,i use talk talk,dont use BT but have to pay them over 30 quid for nothing.
  11. I would Always but the bleedin' government have cut back on that stuff too. :lol: :roll:

  12. might be an idea for the Admin to include a skype notation on our profiles,like the MSN and yahoo messenger ones.
  13. Andy, if you put a thread in 'site issues', the C.O.'s will give you an answer.

  14. Any one with mates in USA Canada Australia or Europe who wants free phone calls should consider TalkTalk. Just over £20 a month gives line rental, broadband and free phone calls.
    I'm not advertising for them but I'm so pleased with it that I let everyone know.
    Just pop into any Carphone Warehouse shop for details
  15. Hig,
    Give talktalk a ring and switch your line rental to them too, get free broadband up to 8 meg free as well, all for £29 a month, including calls.
    Absolute bargain.
  16. Im paying less as i am thanks anyway

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