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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by McCloggie, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi folks;

    I have just had to replace my lap top as the screen has gone tits up and the cost to repair etc. means that a new box was required.

    Problem is, I need to access my Skype account, but I can not remember my user name. My Password I know and I have tried to open a new account (no problems there) but I can not put credit on the account as my credit card details are with the old account which I can not access and Skype says - correctly I must say - that they can not approve the credit card as it belongs to an existing Skype member (me!).

    I can not remember the user name I used and can not see the screen on the old laptop.

    Even if I use different names, the credit card details are the same so no go!

    Any ideas?

  2. If you've got access to an external monitor will you be able to view the old laptop on that?
  3. I'm sure that when we first sign up for skype. we had to use our email address, if thats so then simply tap in your email addy and it will look for you that way... this then should also give you your old name .

    Also i suggest that you send your self a email with your skype details in it and then save it... this will ensure you dont forget yourself again..

    Hope this helps

  4. Thanks;

    Yes I will take the lap top up the office in the morning and try and use the company desk top monitor - I need to down load what is on the C-drive anyway. We have the ship IT/Comms tech with us on site and he has promised to help - for a beer of course!

    Josie - good idea and I have tried itbut does not seem to work. Will try again.


  5. Just try search for Ske Users in Tools putting in details you may have used.

  6. Ask a friend who you have used Skype to chat to how you appear on their contacts list. Providing, of course, that you have some other way of getting in touch with them.
  7. I hope not everybody starts calling me on skype now... :roll:
  8. Thanks to all who gave advice.

    Am now back with the original account after my brother checked his account and sent me the details. Thing is, I really only go Skype-Skype with him to see the kids etc. Everything else I am going Skype-Landline.

    Pinch - thanks for the PM, sorry for no reply but waited until I had got things sorted out.

    Cloggie - hope you have not been bothered! Gave myself the username of a Jock based in Holland years ago so just used it again for RR even though I am in sunnier places just now - still work for a Cloggie company though!


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