skylarks you did on carriers /airstations

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. We nearly ran out of chocks and lashings whilst in Malta harbour 66 on the Victorious as loads were launched at the Dghjsa along side / 80 ft below the flight deck!! wonder how many yellow chocks are down their (why you kick my dog and call him F***K off his names fido / whilst on the subject of chocks used to chock up :stop: Gladys Naafi wagon whilst on the line at Lossie :whew: :thumright: / things you did when you were a j/d!!
  2. Plenty of chipping hammers in pompey harbour!
  3. Bodge taped the bosses chair to the hangar ceiling with a cherry pickers help! He got well pissed off.

    the boss used to have a boiled egg for lunch which he 'opened' by throwing the egg onto his table... a fter a suble diversion earlier a raw egg was substituted..... He went mental.

    put tape over the reciever on his phone , so when he picked it up it was still ringing.... He was irate.

    rubbed liquid soap onto his car windscreen and didnt rinse it off... _nearlygot charged for that.

    A friend of ours dropped a turd in his 'afternoon' running shoes - extra duties all round.

    We get on well sometimes!
  4. can give you the long/lat of quite a few "catwalk painting log folders". justy the thing to do when the rest of the ship have ing a reserve lazy sunday "WTF"

    the SMR was a little bit pertubed with it always going missing
  5. Are the starboard catwalk defect log. :rambo: cant beat chipping and painting in singapore harbour. I remember a certain watch chief misplaced it over the side. :w00t:
  6. those plastic windy hammers you could buy in H/K after getting P/U used to drive me nuts if you were on duty / watch / :shakefist:
  7. i ditched a few at sea too, watching Nick Woods scratch his head and rub his face at the same time was funny then - however - i do feel guilt now
  8. Down the Falklands in '83 on a certain RFA supply ship one of the crew bought all the female sanitary wear and ditched it over the side at the start of a 10 month deployment!!

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