Lantern Swinger
Afternoon all,

My name is Aaron, im going through the application process at the moment to join as an AET.

My brother is also an AET, hes in about a year, just doing his QM and SM at the moment i believe, hes over at Culdrose.

Figured i'd let you know that when you join the RN its not all work work work, i got this text from him today:

"oh my god, i just did a skydive, it was awesome, im going to be on the extreme channel in no time!"

This week he went Sky Diving, and next week they are going sailing for 5 days i think.

Sounds fun!

Good for you. Did my QM & QS at Culdrose too, way way back. Had a great time. Bees knees, the boat pond, Gunwalloe, the Disco dances with busloads of fanny and bombing around on my new CB200.........roar
The roots of skydiving are actually much older than many people realize. Several medieval inventors developed rudimentary equipment which could have potentially been used for skydiving activity, and in 1797, Andre Jacques Garnerin jumped from a hot air balloon with a parachute, marking the first incident of truly modern skydiving. The sport was further refined throughout the 1800s, and many militaries adopted it in the 1900s.

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