Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Yossarian, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Hey all, I start BRNC next month and am quite a keen skydiver, are there any opportunities for this for AT? Ive heard of the RNRMSPA at Netheravon but I'm not sure if their net spreads as far as Dartmouth...
  2. I completed a two-week free-fall parachute course with the Royal Marines at CTCRM Lympstone many years ago as a BRNC summer leave activity. We lived on camp and were bused daily to Dunkeswell Airfield (link). Might be worth checking out.

    P.S. Just found this at but not sure if it's still valid:

  3. thanks for the info, unfortunately they are not based at Dunkeswell anymore, they are at JSPC Netheravon on salisbury plain. as far as i know there will be 4 skydivers in the first 3 phases at BRNC come next month (skydiving's a small world!) so hopefully if enough of us badger the AT staff we can get something sorted! :D
  4. Hiya, I'm going next month too and I'm interested! Did my skydiving training but the weather was too bad for me to actually do it. Let the badgering commence.
  5. Yep I'm on there. Lots of wall posts from meee.

    I trained at Weston-on-the-Green, near Bicester. I had a provisional 3-month license thingie that said I could do my jump whenever in that time but because I was away at school I never had the chance. I only did the static line training (probably not as hardcore as yours!) but I'm really interested in starting properly, maybe after a static line jump or two first.

    Do you reckon it's likely we'll be able to get them to let us go?
  6. the static line course is a progression system called RAPS, its how i started, you practice body position on the static line before progressing onto freefall, and then the more fun stuff :D

    i dont see why not, its an adventurous training course, the Accelerated Freefall course is much faster (straight onto freefall with two instructors holding you) which id imagine would be better what with the time we'll be banged up in dartmouth!
  7. Freefall would be awesome, I'm looking forward to it now! Rollercoasters will never be thrilling again, I'll have to get on loads before I go...
  8. The Raiders


    Google is your friend :thumright:

    I know a few of the guys here at Culdrose, they will look after you I'm sure.

    Found this as well, not Navy but mad as ****

  9. To the author, skydiving is covered under AT. Did the weeks skydiving at Netheravon last year, all paid for by the pusser. All i did have to pay was twenty odd quid for temporary membership of the BPA, for insurance purposes i believe. Although you're a frequent flyer by the looks of things and id imagine youd already be a member.

    I did the novice course (static line, progressing to free-fall) although if you're more advanced there were opportunties to cater. All lifts and equipment was free. Good course and all the RN skydiving team is based out of Netheravon. One of my oppos off an old boat was on the RN four-way formation team and he was forever getting time off to throw himself out of a plane..

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