Skydiving sponsor?

Hey everyone i have my own page for anyone who wants to sponsor me :thumright:
Right i know the picture looks rough lol but that pic was takeing when i was mucking about with mates lol.

Anyone who sponsors me i dont know how to thankyou.

Many thanks to everyone

How did you figure it out? Did you read my message on your other para jump thread and my pm? HERE I've been sat here for an hour waiting for you to read your pm so that I could call Pongoshaggy. If you ask for help on one thread please have the decency to go and look to see if it has been offered and then think about acknowledging it. A small thing like that translates in the field to the buddy-buddy system you'll find in the Corp. Think about it.

Anyway, good luck with the jump. Enjoy it.
Chicogiz said:
EVERYONE DONT RESPOND TO THIS PAGE im gonna ask someone that harry said what he made his on. I need to make a new page.
Not another page surely. You're well on the way to getting awarded a bar to the Order of Creddly ;)
Chico do you ever get the feeling that your Mum is trying to get rid of you? Signs your papers for the Corps and now letting you go and jump out of perfectly serviceable aircraft?
Check your local newsagents window for Ads renting your bedroom.
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