Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by slim, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. And only 2 injuries! Maybe he'll realise that life is too short and find himself a better looking bird! :lol:
  2. I've driven around Lake Taupo. At least he would have had some nice scenery to look at whilst he fell.
  3. Wonder if he will do a sponsored Parachute jump?
  4. FFS...i would have thought he'd be too busy trying to stop the s**t pouring from his a9se then admire the scenery!! :grin: :grin:
  5. If he wasnt a Believer before, i bet he is now!
  6. The video is i believe on you tube.

  7. How the hell did he manage to survive and get his knob into her from a two mile run-up/fall?

    Clearly someone's been practising...
  8. SLIM, please start posting in the CA forums!

    Posting in the Qtr deck to avoid detection will not work!
  9. Yeh dead right matey!!!!!

    Same as that woman on the ferry boat at Liverpool when the ferry crashed with a tanker.

    "I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE SO I PHONED MY HUSBAND" soft cow I would have been looking for a lifejacket not phoning a friend!!!
  10. When I was 16yo I went water-skiiing on Lake Taupo with my cousins. Cousins-2 boys 6ft and counting, me 5'2" and stopped. At the time I thought it was the scariest thing that I had done (powerful those jet boats!). But after seeing this footage, feeling like a real soft bird!!! Kudos to this guy! 9 lives anyone???
  11. Jenny
    Surely this post is far too light hearted for CA.

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