sky news...........


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Have you not noticed how, in this country, we have people who campaign to get prisoners released where as over there they pull this siht. Really paints the Arab race as ...... sorry, too angry to finish this.


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probably best that you don't then shipmate...

out with stress.... in with lager...


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You get this every time something akin to this happens, they are just jumping on the band wagon. I cant really see the head of state seeing these loons and thinking thats a good idea.

If any family members reading this, please ignore the hype and trust all is being done to get your loved ones home safe.
Oh come on people, who here is honestly suprised at this "news".
Any excuse to stand there holding a placard wth "kill them" on it.
Moronic behaviour at its worst.


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It's the attitude of the Iranian officials that gives the game away. This is a Media Op from them, straight out of the old North Vietnamese manual, although so far without the coercive methods.

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