Sky News: "Soldiers Win Battle Over Military Covenant"


Lantern Swinger
When I read that article I thought that it had to be an old one, but apparently it isnt:

Defence Secretary Liam Fox has confirmed the military covenant will be enshrined in law following a campaign by veterans.

The assurance comes amid concerns about cuts to the Ministry of Defence budget and also to the personal allowances of serving armed forces personnel.

Mr Fox told Sky News that from now on there will be a "duty upon the secretary of state to bring a report to parliament on an annual basis so that we can be explicit about how well the government is doing on its side of the bargain on the military covenant." ...
Surely the duty to bring an annual report to Parliament is only what the Government was already proposing in the Armed Forces Bill? The rest of the article implies that the Government has given in to its recent critics, but I don't see the evidence of that.

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