Sky News: "Navy Wins Fight For Carriers"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Never in any doubt in my opinion - the political fal out for the jobs etc would have been too great. Of more concern is what is the RN going to have to give to pay for them?

    Interesting note from the RAF about the capability of air power over land forces - but delivered from what platform Biggles? I used to lecture the RAF Intermediate Staff Course, and they just couldn't get their heads around the concept of 'no carriers, then no expeditionary air...'
  2. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

  3. I just wonder where that will leave the rest of the surface fleet. Roll on Monday / Tuesday when we will find out more.
  4. Without wishing to pish on anyone's parade, is it written in stone?
  5. I love one of the comments asking what the RN has done in the last few conflicts. Nobber
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    That's quite true in this particular case but I used this a an actual example of how one can have an agreement on basing that can be turned upside down at the drop of a hat. Just as allies can cut and run like the Spanish after the Madrid bombings, or a land bridge like the one through the Khyber Pass can't be taken as a given.
  7. I much prefer this one:

    What the writer fails to comprehend here is that if the battleships had had their carrier cover with them it is likely they would never have been sunk. Ignorance is indeed bliss.
  8. [quote="TimeToJoinUp]
    What the writer fails to comprehend here is that if the battleships had had their carrier cover with them it is likely they would never have been sunk. Ignorance is indeed bliss.[/quote]

    As the carrier in question was poor old Hermes (sunk round the same time) with a handful of Martlets or Fulmars, I doubt they'd have made much difference against teh threat they were facing.......
  9. Aye and the resident RAF fighter squadron (s) in the region were equipped with obsolete Brewster Buffalo aircraft. tim Vigors autobiography has an interesting section about PoW and Repulses sinking and the RAF late arrival.

    Aye Hermes was caught making off round the coast with an escort and an Oiler I think. There were many losses in that timeframe including Cornwall and Dorsteshire and each attack was by Japanese air units in huge waves.
  10. But you can opperate a Hercky Bird :D
  11. Remind me; were those waves of Japanese all from carriers?

    Anyway; "Navy Wins Fight For Carriers" but loses the fight for everything else.
  12. Jesus Sufferin' Fcuk!! Awesome :)
  13. The Doolittle raids were an example of hurling too large planes off carriers :p

    Fantastic video there Tops. STOL is one of the major perks of aircraft such as the Herc. Bet there were a few soiled pants during that :)
  14. Scouse_Castaway. Not me. A totally operationally unsuportable stunt. Try landing the bastard back on again; each time every time.
  15. Yeah just edited the post for credit to go the right way :)

    As to that landing stuff.......brrr
  16. For an expeditionary force helis do that. Merlins and Chinooks(can't see Lynx doing much lifting but correct me if I'm wrong). OK they won't get as far as any of the stans but an expeditionary force shouldn't be going in that deep anyway.

    And. Flying boats (with wheels).
  17. But a C-130 can operate from a carrier.

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