Sky News: Exclusive Interview with Sir Jonathon Band

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Jonathon Band remembers his time as 1SL with HMS Cornwall a "highlight" shambles of his career--and so he should.
    Arthur Batchelor remembers his Chief telling him they were off on a Banyan Party.
    He slipped below, donning his Hawiian shirt under his number 8 one. Grabbing his i.pod and Kodak "One shot" ready for the run ashore with that well-built lady sailor who , it was rumoured , was to accompany them.

    It was a bloody disaster

    A "Boarding Party" is what the chief said. Put it all down to the Pussers Orthodondist and his ill-fitting upper plate and afford no blame to the out-going Admiral retiring on a pension in excess of £58,00,00 p.a. plus innumerable undreamable perks.
  2. He wasn't skipper of the Cornwall during 'that' incident.

    Be shifting to be 1SL from Captain in two years.
  3. JB doesn't remember "his time as Skipper of HMS Cornwall" at all for the simple reason that he wasn't. He was "in command" of the Royal Navy as 1SL.
  4. So that wasn't the dear boy's highlight.
    All came right in the end though when he was able to fly his flag on the Flagship of the Meditarranean Fleet in the form of the Gibraltar Flotilla's HMS Sabre. One hopes that Admiral John of Redruth was able to be present in his new role as Governor and Commander-in Chief Gibraltar to dine out the Admiral Band after 40 years of uneventful service

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